Founder of US far-right group denied Australian visa: ABC report



The Australian Home Affairs Department has blocked the visa application of Gavin McInnes, the founder of the US far-right group the Proud Boys, after he failed the character test required to enter Australia,

Putting a dildo in your ass is no longer sufficient to pass?


Mcinnes recently quit his proud boys leadership role and here’s yet another example of someone who gets wrongfully vilified by our gov and media and so quits the activity that got him vilified but it doesn’t matter, he’s still hated and discriminated against. if you take a stand and you are in-the-right you might as well go for broke because apologizing or quitting does NOTHING but make you more vulnerable to the liberal filth.

Australia is yet another white country with severely cucked leaders. they took the guns then flooded them with savages. see how it works?


Yes but I feel like this was just to save face. He was probably going to lose some connections if he didn’t quit.


Gavin McInnes was cockblocked from entering Australia by this negroid larping as an Australian. She references Jewish hate group SPLC as a source for her anti-free speech stance on McInnes. Australia is one of the most policed states in the western world with an internet suppression that is only rivaled by China. It truly is a lost cause. If you read the feed it is one virtue signal after another. Why do they even have these blacks in Australia? All they do is stink and riot. smdh.