Foreign Invaders to Get Health Care Benefits in California


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California has several cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco that have enormous problems with homeless. Yet despite that, the state has chosen to give health care benefits to foreign invaders.

Democrat-Controlled California To Give Taxpayer-Funded Health Care To Illegal Aliens In Gavin Newsom’s Budget Deal

— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) June 10, 2019

You just have to laugh at how stupid this is. The state can’t take care of the people who are already there but they are rewarding benefits to foreign invaders. This obviously makes no sense. This country is a joke.


Welcome to Weimerica where up is down left is right everything is ass backwards in this nightmare Clown World.


You’re still back in the 20th century, where politics informs reality. In our New Millennium, narrative supplants reality.

California was building a bullet train … until it wasn’t. California banned offshore drilling … until it didn’t. Trump is building a wall … until he isn’t. Mexico’s getting tariffs? Voter fraud investigation? Drain the Swamp? Nope, nope, and nope.

Israel has nuclear weapons, which means it’s ineligible for foreign aid. Nobody cares.

The politicos in Sacramento can pass whatever they want, but these days the whole game’s just a shitshow to feed The Narrative. Free MediCal for illegals can’t ever fiscally happen.