Female Put in Charge of Army Infantry Division for First Time


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Institutions that were built by men are being infiltrated and destroyed by women from within. The military has not been immune from this. They are letting a woman take charge of an Army infantry division for the very first time. This is not good.

ABC News:

Brig. Gen. Laura Yeager will make history later this month when she becomes the first woman to command a U.S. Army Infantry Division.

Yeager, a former Black Hawk helicopter pilot who deployed to Iraq, will assume command of the California National Guard’s 40th Infantry Division during a ceremony in Los Alamitos, California, on June 29, according to a news release from the California Guard.

She received her commission from the U.S. Army in 1986 as a second lieutenant from the Reserve Officer Training Corps at California State University Long Beach. Three years later, Yeager completed military helicopter training and began serving as a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter aeromedical evacuation pilot.

Though Yeager left active duty service eight years later when her son was born, she continued her career in the California Army National Guard. In 2011, she deployed to Iraq as the deputy commander of the California Guard’s 40th Combat Aviation Brigade.

Everywhere that I’ve worked, women have mostly been a nuisance and a distraction to getting actual work accomplished. They weasel themselves into positions where they manage other people’s work or get men to do their work for them. The jobs they have are hoaxes only made possible because of Jewish affirmative action policies. Their presence ruins the efficiency of any organization I have been a part of.

It is utterly insane to put a woman like this in charge of an infantry division. But we live in insane times so insane things are happening. What else can I say.


The shit show of jewish power and control over European civilization continues…i wonder why women aren’t put in charge of the Israeli infantry division, goyim?


ZOG like cancer seeks to destroy everything. U.S. military, among other things, puts out memos brainwashing the troops about Anne Frank, the ‘Holocaust’, etc…


As a woman, I hate woman bosses. I know its a stereotype but I do. Still better than a hindu. I do think we can pilot though. Just expect the kill to damage of that aircraft to be questionable.


What about when she is on her period and completely irrational? Does a man take over?


Being a pilot is not the same as being on the ground and fighting in foxholes or in a unit. She would probably start crying and carrying on if she had actually had to carry a 60lb rucksack into combat.


The only consideration for command should be competence. I have read too many stories about women being placed in positions they did not earn due to having the standards lowered for them.


I hope she doesn’t lose her purse. But seriously, the only men she has any business training are her sons – at home!


I know that I’m preaching to the choir at best and this will fall on deaf ears at worst but…

A leader in a field of endeavor should possess mastery in that field.
Women are not to be in positions of authority over men.
Men ought not have to salute a woman.
Women should not be leaders or representatives lest they have to don a headscarf in the presence of Muslims.
etc. etc. etc.

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that’s right, it’s FANTASTIC. hopefully she’ll cause the death of thousands of dumbasses who joined the most evil military the world has ever seen.

the fact that The Bitches are signing-up for military service in the first place means that they’re fucked-up in the head with a power-hungry penis envy complex to make men grovel. if this isn’t enough to make every man in the US military LEAVE asap then they all deserve what they get and they will get DEATH. i can’t wait…


Wow she literally hasn’t done much and she’s a fucking General? What the assfuck clown show is this shit. What command experience has she had?


She makes great coffee!


it’s A-firmative action in action.


Great now the troops will learn about their feelings and getting in touch with their feminine sides.


There are many entitled nigga enlisted in the 40th ID . I hope she fucks up and gets several of them killed. Win-win .


As long as it’s an all woman infantry division. If there’s not enough qualified women to form an infantry division, then a woman should not be allowed to lead one.


Yes put her in charge of niggers then march them into the front lines. Its because your so important that you get to go ahead. Please ladies first.


The worse women do, the faster they get promoted. Jared Taylor wrote about it in his essays.


If you think that is in anyway beneficial to a white society you are disturbed and infected with the Jew virus of porn.