FBI Claims They Can't Unlock Dayton Shooter's Smartphone


Originally published at: FBI Claims They Can’t Unlock Dayton Shooter’s Smartphone | Infostormer.com

The FBI is claiming that they can’t unlock the primary smartphone belonging to Connor Betts, the individual who is said to have done that mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio last weekend.

NY Post:

The FBI is having trouble unlocking Dayton mass murderer Connor Betts’ primary smartphone — and it may take years before they crack it.

Agency officials said during a congressional hearing this week that if Betts was using a six- to eight-digit PIN, it could take months or even years to crack the code, The Hill reported Friday.

“We don’t know when we are going to get into the phone,” FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich told House Democrats during one of several briefings on the mass shooting this week, the report said.

Agents unlocked one Samsung phone belonging to Betts, CBS News reported, but the killer had “multiple phones,” the outlet reported.

I call bullshit on this. These people have unlimited resources. They could call up the NSA or any number of other alphabet soup agencies who for years have demanded tech companies give them back doors into all sorts of technology products.

But it sure is convenient that the FBI is claiming they can’t get into the smartphone of this one shooter who has been described as an anti-fascist, a satanist and an Elizabeth Warren supporter.

This is just another weird occurrence in what has been a series of weird occurrences.


Maybe they could ask weev or Edward Snowden for help.


Can’t, or won’t? :roll_eyes:


Ohh no! We cannot expose the leftist violence! shut it down! The goyim know!!


weev was probably the guy’s FBI handler


He also was part of some loser/erogenous band that wore dresses and black masks, fucking Side Show Bob shit.

Extended vid on Nick Sandmann.



And they are considered an “intelligence agency” lol


It’s all hype with these governmental Alphabet agencies - what they lack in brains they make up for with unlimited budgets and overwhelming force and firepower.


I can’t believe the Intelligence agency of the USA can’t with a small smartphone: this is ridiculous.




And even this one.



did you see the kike epstein was ‘killed’ in his ‘prison cell’…
he was 66 years old and faced 45 yrs in prison…4+5=9 which is an upside down 6…i know gematria is a stretch for a lot of people in general, but its EVERY SINGLE TIME…
This kikes not dead, just hanging out at the beaches in Haifa or off to one of the pieces of land in our world that the MIC/NASA are hiding with their fake CGI “pics” of our earth.
None of this is real, he is a Mossad agent and CIA asset and that is the bottom line…if he is actually one of the good ones now, you can bet your sweet tuchas that the CIA offed this pervert joo with a transdermal poison or untraceable injectable poison like thallium.


But they know how to frame a duly elected President…