FBI Arrests Someone Who Wanted to Kill Jew Ben Shapiro


Originally published at: FBI Arrests Someone Who Wanted to Kill Jew Ben Shapiro | Infostormer.com

The FBI has arrested someone who apparently wanted to kill the obnoxious Jew “conservative” commentator Ben Shapiro.

Fox News:

A man was arrested in Washington on Wednesday after reportedly making death threats against conservative talk show host Ben Shapiro.

Shapiro told Fox News he couldn’t comment on pending legal proceedings but confirmed the situation, as reported by TMZ, on Twitter, thanking law enforcement “for their quick and hard work here.”

The suspect reportedly threatened both Shapiro and his family. Sources told the outlet the threats were “extremely serious.”

Shapiro, who currently serves as editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire and hosted an election show on Fox News last year, filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department related to the threats, according to TMZ.

The agency, along with the FBI, reportedly created a joint task force to search for the suspect.

So the FBI created a joint task force to search for someone who wanted to kill this Jew. Would they have done such a thing for anybody else getting death threats? Seems like they just did this because of Shapiro’s status as a high profile Jew.

Even though we don’t know the details of what happened, we are clearly living in a reality where people have become very angry at the Jews and want to kill them. I am only expecting death threats and attacks against Jews to rise. That’s because the Jews continue to antagonize the goyim and the goyim are getting increasingly restless.


The jews keep overplaying their hands. Keep the kvetching coming I won’t be listening but you know who will be the public and they’re getting sick of the double standards.


“The death threat was real in muh mind” - Ben said


Only a jew could get a task force to look into a death threat. Everyone else just take a seat and we’ll get to you when we are done with the privileged jews.


Why hasn’t he been deported back to his homeland FBI. Stop entrapping stupid moslems with fake bombings and Do your fucking job. That little skid-mark should be making Israel great. Not spreading his filthy zionist anti-white, anti-Christian propaganda in America.


entrapping people IS their job otherwise they’d get laid-off.