Fat Jewess Barbra Streisand Blames Trump for Being Fat


Originally published at: Fat Jewess Barbra Streisand Blames Trump for Being Fat | Infostormer.com

The fat Jewess hag Barbra Streisand is blaming Donald Trump for being fat. Trump’s glorious agenda has caused her to lose sleep and eat lots of pancakes. She also said that she’s planning on moving to Canada if Democrats don’t win the House in the upcoming election.

CNS News:

Singer Barbra Streisand said she might move to Canada if the Democrats don’t win control of the U.S. House in this year’s mid-term election.

When asked during an interview with The New York Times how she was feeling these days, she said she’s been that losing sleep.

“I want to sleep nights, if we take the House I’ll be able to sleep a little bit better,” she said.

Streisand was asked what she would do if the Democrats don’t win the House.

“Don’t know. I’ve been thinking about, do I want to move to Canada? I don’t know. I’m just so saddened by this thing happening to our country. It’s making me fat. I hear what he said now, and I have to go eat pancakes now, and pancakes are very fattening. We make them with healthy flour, though — almond flour, coconut flour,” she said.

Yeah, so she plans on moving to another majority-White country because of Trump. Figures that she can't fly her fat Jewish ass to Israel.

She’s also got a new album out called “Walls” that is protesting Trump’s border wall plan that is slowly coming to fruition.

Of course she doesn’t have much to say about the big ass wall Israel has to keep brown Palestinians out. She’s only against walls in White countries.

This story should give you even more incentive to vote in the upcoming election. If the Republicans win the House, she says she’ll leave America and getting this fat Jewess Streisand out of America will be a net positive for the country. I feel bad for the Canadians that they’ll have to deal with this ugly bitch, but maybe her presence will cause them to become proper anti-Semites.


I have a good feeling that the next expulsion of jews from our midst will be the last.


This sorry excuse of a human has always been fat. How is this news?
Maybe she’s talking about the extra 10 lbs on her nose.


aye, allways been fat, and very ugly !


As my dear old dad used to say when hearing her name: “That jew bitch.”


My Dad said the exact same thing. Well, maybe he added the ovens were missing one.


the horrid jew creature can always move to a no-go zone in Londonistan. the muslim nuts would shoot her on sight. but notice that she hedged her bets. the pos dems will probably win the house so no big gamble here…but i really don’t give a shit about this hollywood singer/actor. i’m still waiting for that horrid jew creature, Ginsberg to keep her word. i’d pay her airfare. GTFO like you promised!


Yikes! The big picture of BS at the top of the article woke me up, and also left my stomach acids churning.


Ginsburg, gtfo or die! I’ll take either one.


BS starred in movies that really sucked & her voice wasn’t worth a shit, either. Sorry Babs. I’m from an area that produced two of the greatest female vocalists in popular music history, Rosemary Clooney & Doris Day. Both were beautiful, blond, blue eyed Aryans who could actually sing & Doris was one of the best movie actresses of the 20th century. By the way, Rosie never blamed her weight problem in later life on Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, etc. If you’re so hung up on helping the oppressed, why don’t you open your multi millionaire estate to some of them. Also stop the nonsense about moving to Canada. Back in 1980, you told the press you were going to move to another country if Ronald Reagan was elected president. Well he was, twice & you hung around all 8 years & then some. We all know why-$$$$$$$.


My life will completely fall apart if Babs were to move to our neighboring Northern country. This is the first I’ve heard this dreadful news, and I already voted Red straight across the board. I’m going back first thing tomorrow morning to see about changing my vote in favor of the Democratic party.