Farrakhan on Jews


it’s becoming clear that not all blacks are the enemy of whites. Interestingly, black muslims and whites have more in common than not. like war, most of the racial division is contrived by the filthy jews and their white liberal stooges who PRETEND to be uniters. I do NOT however include the low-level, criminal Dindu in this equation… the word is getting out that the common enemy of the world is THE JEW and I genuinely admire Farrakhan for exposing their skullduggery to his congregation. However, he and his flock cannot defeat the hook-nosed devil by themselves and neither can any single group. we must UNITE for a common cause. Unfortunately, the liberals -who pretend to care so much about blacks are controlled by Jews who oppose any commonsense reconciliation measures that would interfere with their divide and conquer strategy. Here’s Farrakhan again:


@MightyWhitey i hear you brother. I dont like it but we need ALL races to unite against our common (((enemy))) if we ever hope to defeat them.


as we know the goddamned jews are funding ANTIFA to keep whites and blacks fighting. the good blacks know this.


Good blacks? Or smart blacks?


Ice Cube on the JQ


Jewish leaders demand Farrakhan denounce ‘Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews’ book


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this woman is fantastic.


Hebrew Nugget exposes the Federal Reserve, Rothchilds, Ashkenazi Jews


wow, this guy is an xtian! but he’s pissing me off…


I think it’s unfair to termites that they were compared to Heebs