Fake chug Elizabeth Warren speaks to college negroes about whitey


Warren, who is considering running for president in 2020, told students, “Under the rules of commencement speakers, I am required to say, ‘Work hard.’ And you should,” she said. “But I’m here with a bolder message: It’s time to change the rules. Let me say that again for those in the back. Change. The. Rules.”

Warren said the power system has been “rigged” by those who set economic and housing policies that discriminated against the poor and families of color.

Warren homed in on redlining, a practice that effectively denied home mortgages to families of color in particular neighborhoods. That meant families of color did not accumulate and pass wealth on to their children like white families, Warren said.



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“Two sets of rules: one for the wealthy and the well-connected. And one for everybody else. Two sets of rules: one for white families. And one for everybody else. That’s how a rigged system works. And that’s what we need to change.”


Didn’t she benefit from an affirmative action program that was intended for these poor discriminated-against families?


So we have got to get back to having our elections be more about inspiring people that we can change things and less about identity politics.

And, you know, white men, white working-class men have traditionally been a huge part of our party. We have lost a lot of them. And one of those reasons is, we have had a tendency to talk maybe too much about gender.


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wrong: “families of color” have AFFIRMATIVE ACTION which was designed to make it easier for the morons to get ahead of whitey. but the phony whore knows this. she’s playing “the race card” for votes as do all democrats.


the nearly 80 percent Latino city


Also, if they are called ‘families of color’ that means they are actively trying to stay that way and not interbreeding (which is good). They would be better off not interacting with the white population.


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