Fake black achievement in the news


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At the T.M. Landry College Preparatory School, classes are optional

Despite all this, and more disturbing information uncovered by this article, the Landrys just announced that they would open another school.


it’s not a “school” it’s a playground


The methods used by the school to get those high achievements, however, are coming into question. In an article published by the New York Times, former students and faculty allege that the school falsified transcripts and created fake stories and backgrounds for students to make them more attractive to Ivy League schools.


They say 100 percent of their students get into college

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Motto - Every Cougar College Bound


16-year-old James Dennis found out he would be attending his dream school — Yale. He plans to study applied math and physics.

Skull & Bones, NASA…James’ future be limitless


For seven years, the school didn’t have a name.

That’s not a school.


Her teachers generally don’t use textbooks, she said.

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Was all the fakery really necessary? Blacks are already given preferential treatment, and placed in positions they are incapable of successfully filling.