Facebook Reportedly Deletes Post With the Word "Honk"


Originally published at: Facebook Reportedly Deletes Post With the Word “Honk” | Infostormer.com

The kike-run operation of Facebook has reportedly deleted a post that only contained the world “Honk.”

Yes, really. pic.twitter.com/bO7l1yl4PV

— Garbage Human 🗑 (@GarbHum) June 8, 2019

When you see people reporting this type of insanity, it is hard to see how Facebook can continue being a viable social media operation. When they got into the business of thought policing what people say on the site, this type of nonsense was inevitable. It’s only going to get dumber and dumber as we move into the future.


Might as well Honk :clown_face: :earth_africa: https://youtu.be/VHhj7Ppi0Aw


Is this dehumanizing or was it a case of copyright infringement?


The sheenies are obviously reaching critical mass of The Goyim Know Shut It Down-ism


Yeah, we are reaching levels of “shut it down-sim” that shouldn’t even be humanly possible…
Are the kikes even human?


We all know the answer there Fren they are spawns of Satan they hate the truth.