Facebook May Be Told to Censor Hateful Posts Globally


Originally published at: Facebook May Be Told to Censor Hateful Posts Globally | Infostormer.com

The Jew-run operation of Facebook which already imposes some of the most draconian free speech restrictions on any major social media site, is being ordered to implement even more draconian free speech restrictions.


Facebook Inc. may be ordered to remove offensive content posted by users in the European Union and then also hunt for similar posts anywhere in the world, according to an EU court opinion that the internet giant warned was a threat to freedom of speech.

Since the EU’s law for digital services and electronic commerce “does not regulate the territorial scope of an obligation to remove information disseminated via a social network platform, it does not preclude a host provider from being ordered to remove such information worldwide,” Advocate General Maciej Szpunar of the EU Court of Justice said Tuesday.

Scrutiny of Facebook in the EU has intensified since the bloc introduced strict new privacy rules a year ago, giving data regulators for the first time real teeth and the power to fine companies as much as 4% of annual sales for the most serious violations. Antitrust regulators too have been probing the social network over how it tracks users’ internet browsing.

This stems from the EU’s decision to pass a law banning memes, a law of which is entirely unenforceable and impractical to implement. Even a company with the resources that Facebook has can’t possibly enforce these edicts.

Everything about this situation is ridiculous. Who is the arbiter of what represents “hateful” or “offensive” content? Because anybody could randomly argue that almost anything offends them. Somebody could say that a photo of a dog offends them because they find dogs disgusting.

All this shows is that we are moving towards having an Internet that has increasingly less free speech. And because of this, I honestly have no idea how much longer I’ll be able to continue operating this blog. But no matter what happens, I’m not going to shut up. They’ll have to deal with me one way or another.


more proof that the globalists are losing the information wars.


Or they are publicly killing the old format to usher in the new one…like always.
This is because they are losing their control over the narrative all over the world.


The goyim know, shut it down.






That just proove how Memes are powerful, because it’s a great counter psy-ops againt jewish propaganda. Trump was elected because of that, We need to push the memetic war has much has possible.


What’s most funny it’s than Game Of Thrones, the most greatest social engineering of the 21st century with jew producers, have contribute to break the last rampart of the goyim awakening.
Schlomo you have really jew too many!


They cannot shut it down anymore, everybody know.