Facebook Bans Links and References to the Daily Stormer


Originally published at: Facebook Bans Links and References to the Daily Stormer | Infostormer.com

As many of you already know, I have been contributing articles to the Daily Stormer almost since its inception. When I first started writing articles for it back in 2014, I had no idea that it would become the most censored website in the history of the Internet. At first I just thought the site would help serve as an effective vehicle at destroying political correctness while mocking fools who endlessly whined about “racism” and “anti-Semitism.” And because of that, I thought it’d be fun to support the effort. Never did I imagine where we’d end up.

Fast forward to 2019 and we are seeing the global-homo establishment go to increasingly more extreme lengths to censor the site. A fat blob of shit sitting in the British Parliament named Stephen Doughty during a public hearing on “hate speech” earlier this week, demanded that Facebook shut down all links and references to the Daily Stormer. Facebook dutifully complied with the request so now users aren’t even able to share and link to articles published on the site. This is of course completely insane but not unexpected.

The UK Parliament's Home Affairs Committee just summoned representatives from every major social media company. Their only major and tangible demand: that links to a prominent political website from the USA be removed entirely. How is this not foreign election meddling? pic.twitter.com/Yw764HBrD2

— $1000/mo won't buy you safety (@vapingheals) April 25, 2019

The fat fuck Doughty even had the nerve to complain about a story that was posted on social media detailing how a violent nigger threw a 5-year-old White child off a balcony at the Mall of America.

@SDoughtyMP is his Twitter handle if you’d like to say hello to him.

Unfortunately, the censorship agenda is only going to get increasingly more extreme from here. These large Jewish tech monopolies are being allowed to run amok with no consequence. And there are many people in Western governments like Doughty who believe they haven’t gone extreme enough with their censorship.

They’ve been given full control over what is effectively the modern day public square and they ban whoever they don’t like from participating in mainstream political discourse. The people that have been banned are basically anybody who Jews dislike. And the criteria they use to justify the bans are based on vague and arbitrary reasons outlined in terms of service agreements which change without notice.

This deranged Jewish censorship agenda is one of the reasons why I still maintain this blog site. It represents another target that the Jews have to deal with. It would be my honest preference not to have to do this, but at this moment it appears I’m one of only a handful of people capable of maintaining a blog like this in today’s extreme censorship environment.

Of course, considering the lengths that are being taken to censor and stifle the spread of the type of material I publish, I have no idea how much longer I’ll be able to maintain and run this site.

This morning, this site received a larger than usual amount of traffic from Israel. Some Israelis seemed to be interested in the material I published about the San Diego synagogue shooting. And based on the number of Facebook likes, there seemed to be a particular interest in John Earnest’s manifesto that I re-posted.

Around the same time, the site came under a denial of service attack. It is safe to assume that some of the kikes in Israel did not like the content I posted and sought to shut it down.

My larger point to this is that I will do my best to keep this site running as long as I can, but I can’t make any guarantees. As this Jewish clown world keeps getting increasingly more deranged, it is becoming more and more difficult to even just maintain a blog that publishes material that’s critical of the Jews.


I know the community here is small compared to DS but I for one like the small town feel to an overcrowded metropolis.


That’s alarming to think a small, somewhat hidden site like this would now be on their radar.

What they are deceptively doing, I think, is monitoring our collective reactions to the so-called synagogue shooting, and calculating the next move for them. I wonder how many of them are on the forum and never post just read?


There are way more of us than them…


I hope someone can invite me to the Daily Stormer BBS if this site goes down.


Why would you want to be invited to the bbs?
This site is not going down.


If you ever wondered who won the war of Independence and the War of 1812 just look at what happened with UK Member of Parliament Stephen (who ate all the pies) Doughty. One British politician censors all reference to an American website globally. That is real power. First amendment RIP.


An invitation can only be sent to an email address.


If these people were as intelligent as they claim, they would worry less about websites daring to say things they don’t like, and more on their own behavior which has driven promising idealistic young men to such desperate behavior.


You are correct but the jews never look inward as to why people dislike them - it is a childlike mentality on their part.


I don’t think they can control their behavior


Love the articles here!


the jews are desperate to keep The Goyim at large in-the-dark. this is why i make every effort to red-pill everyone to which i speak in person. just last week i told some guys i know at a paint store about The Holohoax. then i told a friend of mine who i JUST LEARNED had married a GD Jew and the marriage is beginning to fall apart because of -guess what?- MONEY ISSUES. what a surprise. i scolded her for marrying a Jew… but this goes back to the naiveté of women who think that, all people are the same. WRONG.


Why doesn’t the DS/TGK BBS allow new registrations? I even had Anglin, Garland, et al. on Skype back in the day…


People need to stop using these jew ridden platforms and begin using alternatives like VK.


And they dare to wonder why everybody hate them? i think than America is good to be the next country to expelled them.


And typically womanly too.