EXPLOSIVE 9/11 Victory!


WOW! this is THE biggest story ever. after almost 20 years of trying, The Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Truth & Justice has FINALLY got the justice department to agree to DO THEIR JOBS and convene A GRAND JURY to hear the plethora of evidence that The Trade Towers were rigged with explosives.

this is THE BIGGEST news of our time which will be put on the back pages of all of the FAKE NEWS outlets that have literally been giving the REAL terrorists cover all these years. if the grand jury isn’t threatened by CIA psychopaths then they will surely indict SILVERSTEIN and the whole jew scheme to torture-murder 3000 goyim on 9/11 will be exposed. WOW!

this is such a huge victory for the goyim that the official site of The Lawyers Committee is overloaded and not accepting any more connections.

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david knight at infowars does a great job reporting.