Ex-NFL Player Arrested For 'Jussie Smollett-Style' Hate Crime Hoax



The “backward Swastika” alone was a bit suspicious.


These people have mental problems.


Well what do you expect of centuries of inbreeding and non educational cultures?
Cognitive skills are not needed for animals who thrive in vicious and corrosive tribes. Certain groups of human beings possess various genetic propensities due to various differential evolutionary requirements.
Black people are less likely to be intelligent because intelligence was not a necessary survival strategy to pursue in their isolated development.
The fact that they ALSO happen to have a dark skin pigmentation due to melanin as it acts as a natural “sun screen” is mere coincidence.
The two aren’t intrinsically linked.

It’s not an IF this than THAT.

It’s a situation where understanding that certain pockets of isolated human evolutionary paths manifested strategies specific to THEIR survival.
And that those lingering evolutionary strategies STILL shape those groups. 1,000 years may seem a lot to us, but it is quite small Evolutionarily speaking.
In the case of Black people it is low intelligence, high sex drive (the famous BBC), strong athleticism and dark skin.
These are survival paths that led to success within their isolated geographic area.

The reason that one can’t avoid tackling the topic of black people and low intelligence comes from the fact that when people pass on their genetics they pass on both the good and detrimental aspects.
The same way people can be carriers for genetic diseases yet very beautiful.

It is also why Blacks in areas where interbreeding with Whites or other more intelligent races is common place have a higher median IQ than blacks who are still in Isolation. It has nothing to do with Education (From whence did the capacity to educate arise… It’s a Chicken and Egg question.
One must have Intelligence to glean knowledge BEFORE it can be passed on) it has to do with the genetics for superior cognition slowly mixing into the blacks as inbreeding occurs.

The downside is that the mixed result has a LOWER intelligence than a pure-bred of the higher cognitive sub-group probably WOULD have had.
That is before factoring in the detriments of cultural mixed allegiances, lack of a unifying identity and countless other problems that arise from Miscegenation (which I am firmly against).

Oh and I happily self-identify as Alt-Right, a Race Realist and all the various taboo shenanigans… I honestly don’t care.


This nog should have known to hire a consultant to properly commit insurance fraud. LOL.

Just goes to show you the average IQ of the NFL
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