Evil Savage Throws Spots the Cat onto the Street in Disgusting Animal Torture Video


Originally published at: Evil Savage Throws Spots the Cat onto the Street in Disgusting Animal Torture Video | Infostormer.com


An evil savage thought it was funny to take Spots the Cat a defenseless animal and throw it onto the street. The video of the incident is unbelievably sick.


A disturbing video posted on Snapchat showing a teenager throwing a kitten across the street has sparked social media outrage prompting police to launch an investigation. A California police department was searching for an unnamed boy, believed to be 16 years old, who was seen in the video.

The graphic video, which lasts less than 10 seconds, was posted Saturday and was filmed in Ontario, California. The boy, identified on the social media site as Charlie, is seen lifting the animal with both hands, then flinging it high into the air. The kitten can then be seen hitting the ground.

“The kitten survived the incident, but did suffer an injured leg,” Ontario Police Department said in a press release. “The Inland Valley Human Society is assisting with the investigation and the care of the injured animal.”

The one thing I hate more than anything is the abuse of innocent and defenseless animals. I especially get enraged when I see the abuse of cats. They’re my favorite animal and I have a soft spot in my heart for them.

If I had my way I would execute anybody who intentionally abused or tortured an animal. Anybody who thinks it is funny to do something like this has no business living among us.

Of course these brown savages don’t view life the same way we do. They’re vile subhuman pieces of shit. This incident is just more proof of it.


After SNEK comes KAT.

Muds better get out while they can.


This makes me angrier than anything. It is sickening.


Yeah this story made me pretty upset also.

Cats and dogs when treated with kindness make wonderful companions. It is infuriating to see anybody mistreat an innocent animal like this.


They should tell the lout that he’s been awarded a “safari holiday”, under the guise of a ‘rehabilitation’ program. When they spot a pride of lions, throw him out of the vehicle and shoot him in the kneecaps.


Breaks my heart how these third world savages torture animals for thrills. Cats, and kittens are very special in my life. If I were Queen, these subhuman would be put to death,. The headlines recently of Chinese, Vietnamese that hunt down cats, torture them cruelly. How can these subhuman filth have a place living on the planet with the rest of Civilized humans that love and care for animals.


I couldn’t agree more. Frank Raymond in his book, “Sweet Dreams and Terror Cells”, writes extensively of white Man’s love of animals as part of our very soul. A love of animals, particularly of Dogs and Cats is part of natural Law of which the National Socialists often preached. This vile creature at the very least, should be in a prison.