Even Jesus kicked the jews in the ass - Matthew 21:12


Absolutely correct and the modern form of Christianity has been completely subverted by the tribe to end their greatest enemy.

Remember, all Christian churches are considered a 501c3 by the IRS until they promote political speech. Both Catholic and Protestant faiths had a large influence over political matters a century ago and now that is gone.

I loathe the discussion of religion and it shouldn’t be allowed here.


I have Mathew Hale’s book, Ending White Slavery. Good read.


Yes and no. Don’t presume to know my mind. That actually is offensive. I obviously have read Might is Right or I wouldn’t have recognized the passage right away.

It is somewhat offensive that you are continuing this. There’s no point in starting all this religious controversy. I would say the same if someone were attacking another user for being a pagan and causing all this nonsense. It’s childish tbqf.


You said "It is somewhat offensive that you are continuing this"

In case you haven’t noticed, I am RESPONDING to you. YOU are the one who started this party, not me…

…But I’m willing to drop this, here and now. We can shake virtual hands and forget about this little dust-up…

…Or we can keep going back-and-forth until we really do hate each-other.

The choice is yours.


I was referring to the overall thing, not your back and forth with me.