Even Jesus kicked the jews in the ass - Matthew 21:12



As far as sociology is concerned, we must either abandon our reason or abandon Christ. He is preeminently, the prophet of unreason, the preacher of rabble-rabies.

All that is enervating and destructive of manhood, he glorifies. All that is self-reliant and heroic, he denounces. Lazarus, the filthy and diseased vagrant is his hero of heroes; and Dives the sane, energetic citizen is his “awful” example of baseness and criminality.

He praises the humble and he curses the proud. He blesses the failures and damns the successful. All that is noble he perverts, all that is atrocious he upholds.

He inverts all the natural instincts of mankind and urges us to live artificial lives.

He commands the demonization of virtues that aggrandize a people, and advises his admirers to submit in quietness to every insult, contumely, indignity; to be slaves, de-facto.

Indeed, there is scarce one thought in the whole of his Dicta that is practically true.

O, Christ! O, Christ! Thou artful fiend! Thou great subverter! What an Eblis-glamour thou hast cast over the world! Thou mean, insignificant-minded JEW!

                                  Ragnar Redbeard, 1890


Might is Right is an interesting book, but that’s a very divisive passage to post in this particular thread. What did you hope to accomplish with that?


Imagine if America had a free press, where editorial cartoons like that could be printed in major publications without any fear of jewish retaliation or censorship.

Funny thing, the kikes whine about the “antisemitic” nature of that cartoon but they do NOT deny the accuracy of it.


I hope to rend the Semitic spider-web of Christianity that has been so astutely wound around the minds of our people.

As long as White men bow (even nominally) at the sign of the cross, we will be preyed-upon by men who have not bound themselves with such an idiotic, suicidal, ideology.


Well, I certainly respect your right to an opinion, and I believe that you feel you are doing the right thing, but as a moderator I must caution you to please steer clear of instigating or participating in religious flame wars. It is divisive and not conducive to building the type of community we want here.


Respectfully, I understand that instigating a “religious flame war” would be counter-productive and divisive. However, that is not what I intended to do with my original post, nor did such a thing come about as a result.

If people are permitted to post things in favor of Christianity, I should be permitted to post things in opposition to it.

Of course I cannot speak for him, but I believe Lee is okay with us discussing the issue, as long as it’s done in a dignified and respectful manner.

The truth is, the “Christianity Question” is not a minor issue in relation to Ethnic Nationalism. No. This is an urgent matter, of the utmost import. And neglecting to address it would be wholly foolish of us, as this would virtually assure our defeat.


OMG? We’ve been through this endless debate several times on the idea of what Christianity is and what is not and it doesn’t end well.

I can’t change you and you can’t change me on the topic of religion because it’s an ingrained belief system in all of us and a black hole that does nothing but cause problems.

Other than that, you’re considered a nice guy.


Again, this is not a minor issue. Our movement is doomed to failure if it is not addressed.

And again, if people are permitted to post things in favor of Christianity, then I’m permitted to post things in opposition to it.


Okay, you want to debate religion…
Didn’t go well for the last guy but take a swing.


If you and the other Christians are so confident in your religion, if you believe it rests on such a rock-solid foundation, then you should have no problem at all defending it.


Respectfully, that is precisely what you are doing. Whether you agree with this or not is not at issue here. You’re a good poster who I like so I am discussing this with you instead of just taking action.

Ragnar’s passage there is neither respectful nor dignified. I’m taking no side on the issue, I’m merely telling you that it is very disrespectful and designed to purposefully cause offense. I believe you are an intelligent person, and can see this, but it doesn’t matter. This isn’t a debate between myself and yourself.

This is me telling you to keep it respectful.


I like you too Azz. I’ve been listening since you and Ghost did HMR. I’ve been financially-supporting DS and TKR since the very beginning. I even bought a TKR t-shirt and coffee mug. I respect you and I admire everything you’ve done for our race and our movement…

…That being said, what you call “instigating a religious flame war” is, in actuality, me directing the users of this forum to a piece of extraordinary, Pro-White literature that has the potential to free them from the shackles of (((Abrahamic Cult Mythology))).

YOU are a Christian and YOU were personally offended by my post. Just come out and say it. No need to beat around the bush with me Azz.

Anyway, I’m NOT going to stop quoting Ragnar Redbeard and I’m NOT going to stop exposing the vile Jewish hoax that is Christianity. So you can ban me, or suspend my account, or whatever. It’s on you though.

And no hard feelings either way. I’ll continue supporting DS and TKR regardless of your decision here. MY support of MY White racial comrades is unconditional.


I think he just felt embarrassed for you because you were too foolish to feel embarrassed for yourself.


Shut the fuck up kike. Men are speaking.


…And you injecting your slow-witted two cents into my conversations for the umpteenth time is a provocation, and an obvious one at that. It’s a transparent attempt to make me look like a hostile and aggressive poster.

Everyone knows I’m polite and civil on these threads.

But there’s simply no way to “respectfully” deal with a pitiful, witless, jackass like you.

And you’re most likely a Jew anyway. I can fuckin’ smell you through my laptop screen.


Dr Teapot won’t respond to you but I will.

Before you were here there was a religious discussion about Christianity and the theological implications regarding Judaism and it was a complete disaster for everyone.
(I never participated just watched)

The same discussion was debated vigorously a few years back at the DS and AA had to eventually ban all discussion of religion b/c it became so heated and problematic.

The simple fact that Jews hate Christianity and have fought against it for centuries should tell you something and I’m not even of the Christian faith.


See 44-58.


@Kroenen What the jews fear is a return to an 11th century version of Christianity, which at this late date is extremely unlikely. The modern form of that religion is so “cucked” that it is more of an ally than a threat to jewry. But the jews’ paranoia and pathological hatred make it impossible for them to understand that.



Ben Klassen. Founder of Creativity. Pontifex Maximus. Read chapters 43-58. Then report back to me.

The PDF links got kiked. THIS one is good.:point_down:t2::point_down:t2::point_down:t2: