European Measles Outbreak, Whodathunkit?


let’s see… Leftist Globalists import diseased savages from Africa and The Mid-East BY THE MILLIONS because they were bored but somehow forgot to look at HISTORY before doing so. remember The Native Americans and what happened to them when disease Europeans exposed them to Smallpox and other diseases for which they had no immunity?

the globalists are running the world like it’s a Star Trek III sequel where Klingons, Gorfs and Humans all live in perfect harmony because they all want the same things:
#1. tight pussy
#2. a warm place to shit
#3. loose shoes.

to accomplish this lofty goal, they decided to forget about legal immigration and just flood their lands with diseased savages and all because white europeans were tired of being wealthy and white…

well, Europe is boring no more. they and their children are being infected with potentially deadly diseases the source of which must be investigated. this could take some time…


Well, at least those lovely immigrants didn’t come without any gifts. They brought us the measles…


and that’s just what’s being reported… AIDS, Ebola, various Flu strains et are now HERE… i get just a little solace by going to youtube and watching Somali Pirates getting fragged. i want to apply for the job manning the machine gun. these moron jigaboos get a volley from a 50cal gatling-gun that fires about 30rds a sec but instead of getting the fuck out of there, they continue their attack. lol… it’s funny as hell. someone says that the boats were practice drones. who knows…?


Another benefit for big pharma and the globohomo globalists with the importation of third world turds another reason to force vaccinate on our taxpayers money!


yes, and NY $hitty was a court challenge test-case. i have no faith in any of our checks and balances though so it wouldn’t surprise me that the super court rules that we all must be vaccinated against our will. i might just go to the wall about it…


Yeah I cringed when I read the local news about ny shitty case about vaccine. But though, I look this as a forced necessity as part and parcel living in the most diverse city in USA with the newly imported shitskins daily exposing us with unknown microbes. I need an white ethnostate set up ASAP so I can find refugee there (how ironic)


well, i too get solace from knowing that the liberal ASSHOLES who welcomed The Savages to America now have to worry about contracting diseases from them. funny though, none of the fake news outlets can figure out the connection between diseased migrants and the recent outbreak of diseases in America.


Yeah well they never learn right?


yeah, it’s freaky… liberals have the exact same information as do we but their brains twist it 180º to fit their agenda. i do believe that over 50% of Americans are clinically insane.


We should invent a vaccine for liberal insanity oh wait! This site itself is the “vaccine”


These guns are awesome! But it’s pretty obvious that the boats are just practice drones. No jigaboos got hurt. Otherwise there would have been nothing left of them but shreds of flesh and wood.