Eggplant Negress Brags About Shutting Down Altright.Com


Originally published at: Eggplant Negress Brags About Shutting Down Altright.Com |

Some eggplant Negress lawyer named Kristen Clarke is bragging on Twitter about her organization shutting down Richard Spencer’s Altright.Com website. She basically wrote GoDaddy a letter complaining about Spencer’s views and how they hurt her feelings.

Even a Jew questioned the strong armed tactics of the Negress. He predicted that this type of speech censorship would only bolster support for the Alt Right.

Clarke runs an organization called the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. Here’s their contact page. It appears to be some pro-nigger group of some kind. It’s probably bankrolled by Jews but I haven’t had the time to research it.

Either way, any group that silences the free speech of someone has no business calling itself a civil rights group. This is a nigger supremacist operation that has actively engaged in torturous interference of a business. Seems to me like some laws were broken here by this evil free speech hating Negress.


There’s no doubt about it, that “civil rights” organization is run by jews who are using Quan’eesha Jones as a front.

You see, ideas like freedom of speech and association are alien concepts to the coloreds. The only law they recognize is that of Muh Dick. And Jud Suss certainly can’t have White goyim doing whatever they please. They are cattle made by G-d to serve the j-w.


This smug unpleasant creature has not silenced Richard Spencer. He will be back online, and we will continue to develop alternatives to businesses that engage in censorship.


The Earl of Spencer certainly is not going to allow himself to be silenced by some uppity she-coon. Hopefully all these attempts to marginalize him will instead make him go full 14/88 GTKRWN. We shall see.


No kidding. These people view anybody who isn’t a card carying Communist to be a Neo-Nazi, White supremacist person. They can’t be reasoned with so the only workable strategy is to go full out. We’ve proven this over the past 5 years or so.