Diversity Macht Frei Blog Gassed by Wordpress


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Looks like another nationalist blog has been gassed by WordPress. Diversity Macht Frei is no longer available because they allegedly violated WordPress’s terms of service.

I was just informed of this today and I’m not sure how long it has been down but I’m honestly surprised it wasn’t shut down earlier. WordPress has been shutting down manosphere blogs and other blogs that contained tamer content.

The bottom line is that the Jews are trying to shut down anything and everything. With all that is going on, I do not know how long I’ll be able to operate this site but I’ll try to keep it running as long as possible.


As a multiple Twittercaust victim, I feel your pain…12395431_1500941240207842_248378048_n


:scream_cat:Oh no! too bad, i enjoy her blog so much, did she announce where she count to move her blog ?
:imp:Fuck Wordpress really!


“That’s terrible - somebody should do something.” - Dron Drumpf


Everyone here should register with Ricochet.


Aka the president who do nothing!


It’s a emergency than we all go back to forum format as soon has possible, forums are going to be the only space of freedom of expression in the future.
This is the best way to strike back those monopoly companies.


It’s time to put pen to paper. emails are fine to vent with but a written letter carries more weight. Write to your representatives and demand the First Amendment be respected in all spheres of social life, be it physical or digital. The jewing must stop.


give us a link. when i searched for “Ricochet” i got a dumbass wrestler…nevermind…Ricochet.com


It never ends. And even though it is painfully obvious that all this is all being done by jews, few dare mention that fact. Many of the people getting banned won’t even talk about it. The cowardice is getting annoying.


Even jews are being kiked by jews. One of my fav blogs is written by a kike and it was shoah’d two weeks ago because he digs into the Medical cartels and vaccines. They never told him why he was kicked off WP and he never crossed the line as far as terms of service but he was still deplatformed.


Archived copy: Diversity Macht Frei


Also, the old site: https://diversitymachtfrei.blogspot.com/


Thanks for the archived copies. I wonder how much longer Mark Dice will last.


Adolph Hitler warned the world - our occupied idiot western governments fought him instead. Now we are paying the ultimate censorship ever experienced. Here’s praying you continue to do what you are doing. It’s getting harder and harder to find the hard-hitting, tell it as-it-is stories, the MSM will not touch.


I bet than she was strike because of her multiple articles about moores invasion and praised of queen Isabelle the catholic, like it showed than jews was responsibles all along.


Thank you for the backup links!


They choose gold of jews instead of there people, hopefully it will hit them back, the Dresden curse is upon them.