Disney Executive Charged With Child Abuse


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Disney is not the same company that Walt Disney founded. It is a company run by evil Jews who push damaging propaganda to the youth. We could be on the brink of seeing the Disney child sex casting couch phenomenon exposed with this latest story.

#MeToo is finally going where we want it to go. We are now seeing child sex abuse allegations that are coming out. A Disney executive involved in their music business has been charged with several counts of child sex abuse.


A Disney executive has been charged with three felony counts of child sexual abuse.

Jon Heely, 58, is Disney’s director of music publishing. He is accused of sexually abusing two underage girls. The first child was fifteen. The second child was 11 when the alleged abuse began, and it continued until she was 15.

Jon Heely, 58, is Disney’s director of music publishing. He is accused of sexually abusing two underage girls. The first child was fifteen. The second child was 11 when the alleged abuse began, and it continued until she was 15.

Specific dates are not yet known, but Variety reports that the incidents occurred about ten years ago.

Heely has been with Disney since 1981, where he oversees licensing for Disney’s massive music catalog. The company suspended him without pay on Friday after learning of the allegations.

He has not publicly responded to the allegations. His Twitter bio says he loves “Disney concerts and living to glorify God in all things.”

Surely, this is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, it is safe to assume that the child sex casting couch is rampant at this kike run company.

Disney has been a factory for turning out child stars who slowly transform themselves into disgusting sluts once they turn 18. Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez are just a couple of examples.

Weirdly enough, Bella Thorne another former child actress for Disney who just turned 20 appeared to claim that she was previously molested on Twitter. She didn’t offer a whole lot of information but it sounded as if she had some stories to tell.

Whatever happened, she didn’t turn out so good. Like other Disney child actresses, she turned into a trashy slut. Her Twitter page is filled with all sorts of provocative photos. I’ve seen actual whores at brothel houses dress more conservatively than what she posts on Twitter.

Clearly she’s a damaged person no doubt from the sex abuse she suffered. It transformed her into a filthy skank. While it is sad to see this, she would benefit greatly from telling the world what happened to her.

Hopefully #MeToo causes all this #Pizzagate stuff to come out in the open. We are already seeing cracks in the foundation. This being one of them.


The Disneyberg Channel should be renamed the Jailbait Channel, because their under-aged actresses are meant to attract the attention of adult men, not kids. One shudders to think how those actresses (and actors) passed their “auditions”. The fat slob jew Dan Schneider, a well-known producer of kid shows, might be able to tell us (but I would have to torture him first - no problem!):


Lindsey Lohan is another Disney child star that turned out badly.

From Rense:

Walt Disney’s War With Hollywood’s Jews



Yeah she’s another good example. She was actually fairly attractive when she was around 18 years of age but quickly ruined herself through drug use and random skankery. Now she looks like shit.


Wow, Bella Thorne has really gone off the deep end. I remember just a few years ago she was on that popular Disneyberg show with the colored girl. But why aren’t any of these actresses who were abused by jew TV producers turning into National Socialists?



Grady who runs Polk County continues to do “to Catch a Predator” style stings on people looking to hookup with underage sex-trafficking victims. He does a big press conference everytime, and makes sure his website has good SEO. He’s tenacious. Without fail, every batch or two of arrests, has at least 1 Disney employee in the batch.


Speaking of Spacey, cheese pizza? Really? How much more blatant can he make it? Disgraced Oscar winner Kevin Spacey breaks cover for the second time with his dog | Daily Mail Online


what? what do you mean? she’s the kind of girl you’d be proud to take home and show to your mom.

LOL… and this pic says it all.


2,299 registered sex offenders infest the area surrounding a theme park hub that calls Universal Studios, Walt Disney World and Epcot home.