Diseased Congo Niggers Wading Across Rio Grande


ok, so say you are a Congo savage who hunts warthogs for breakfast and one day you hear about 57 Chevys, surfboards and white-girls in bikinis and decide that this is the life for you. what would be your first step to illegally invade America? you would first talk to your good friend, Mugabadoodoo and ask him if he knows any taxis to Mexico or Central America and then ask how much it would cost because all he has to his name is a warthog skin loincloth and a lion-tooth necklace. so this begs the question: how are these savages getting to Mexico?.. well, we all know that bankster, billionaire Jews have set-up immigration stations in every shithole in the world encouraging niggers to illegally invade and destroy white countries. so knowing this, why doesn’t The Orange Goon go after THE SOURCE of our discontent instead of trying to stop a flood of niggers at the border? it’s like someone who refuses to apply insect repellant but instead prefers to swat at thousands of mosquitos attacking him.


Looks like ZOG is flying them into Mexico, there’s no other way for a destitute, backwards African to arrive there.

If they’re diseased, so much the better - to infect the White population:

CDC Caught Flying Diseased Caravan Migrants Into U.S. for Medical Treatment

According to F.A.A. flight data, a plane registered to the Center for Disease Control landed in San Diego to pick up diseased migrants at the border to fly them to Georgia where they will receive medical care paid for by the U.S. taxpayers.


The Center for Disease Control seems hellbent on spreading disease.


yes, and one can see how The Federal Reserve Jew Banksters and their congressional henchmen fund this insanity with deficit spending and to protect their funny-money system they must attack countries who dump The Dollar. because of white corruption and kikery our entire corrupt, deficit spending economy can only be kept afloat with war.


Nice looking forward to being enriched even more.


Yes, this will certainly drive down the prices of nose-bones.


Honestly it would be for the best. Our immune system is becoming weak and need to beef it up. Super bugs are going to become a huge problem.