Denver Drag Kids Show


pushing transexuality on kids is child abuse. somehow this simple logic is lost on the liberals in Denver. get a load of this out-of-shape father encouraging his son to participate in the kiddy drag show.


don’t you think that 10yo is a bit to young to be letting your kid change his sexual identity? this one FAT, UGLY WHITE WHALE is literally crying because of the “hate” coming from the protesters. so, if you protest sexualizing boys to dress-up and perform as girls, you are a HATER. they just don’t want these kids being abused by adult trannys. and so CBS Denver affiliate gave the fat white whale a lot of airtime to spew her liberal insanity. btw, she’s a “christian”…


If I didn’t know any better I would say this sudden homo/tranny mania was part of a well-orchestrated plan to discourage middle and upper class white people from having any more kids, as well as turning the kids they do have into fags.


the article is a Denver CBS affiliate.who were clearly biased in favor of this liberal insanity but if you read the comments you will see that nobody was fooled. in this regard i sent the station a message on their contact form. i advised them to “look at the comments” on their biased liberal BULLSHIT.


The kikes love to promote this false image that the great majority of the population is on-board with their insane, anti-nature agenda. But as you pointed out, as soon as people are allowed to express their sentiments, the fact that the vast-majority are opposed to their toxic ideologies becomes abundantly clear… Probably why they’re going ape-shit with their censorship agenda.



We’re going to need longer trains and bigger camps.