Dems Call for John Wayne Airport to Be Renamed

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Did you think the legacy of John Wayne would survive the ongoing communist revolution? If you thought so, you were wrong. Democrats are calling for an airport named after John Wayne to be renamed because of his racist views.

John Wayne Airport on Chopping Block Due to Actor's Extreme Racism

— TMZ (@TMZ) June 27, 2020

Orange County Democrats condemn 'racist' comments by John Wayne, call for airport to drop his name

— Los Angeles Times (@latimes) June 27, 2020

I’m sure Republicans will just laugh at this shrug their shoulders and do nothing. They’ve failed to conserve anything, so why would we be foolish enough to think they’ll be able to conserve the legacy of John Wayne?

Many Republicans have been complicit in this insanity because most of them are afraid of being called a racist. It’s pathetic and cowardly.

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John Wayne was always 100% right about race. Of course they brought up his most famous quote which was 100% correct.

I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don’t believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgement to irresponsible people.

He was 100 percent correct.

These lunatics are eventually going to say that any White male born before 2000 is a racist and must be erased from history.