Democrats Are The Real Transphobes


:rage:What a clown party! why they even call themselves conservative, they literally conserve nothing. So the republicans are New Democrats ? it’s a nice idea to make reverse SJW.

But it’s true than when a fag don’t subscribe to the liberal dogma he’s demonized by democrats.


Judging from your English proficiency (not to offend, you are pretty good) you must be from outside of English speaking countries I’m assuming Germany? So I’m trying to explain American politics here, it’s not operated like European party politics which usually have many parties. Here it’s purely Democrat or Republican… the system is corrupted to both favor. Third party never make enough traction here.
So, therefore they are the only ones that are powerful and they are always vying to win people’s hearts for what’s trending here such as LGBTQ, gun rights/control, immigration(invasion), and the such. The problem is that people IS sheep and lemmings from all that crap media feeds them. They throw such stupid topics for the people to fight or agree. While they are busily taxing and spending our hard earned money for the satanic talmudist kikes in israhell. So the bottom line, Republican and Democrat argue on talmudvision, after then they go out together for a drink and have few laughs.
It’s all shit show for goyim consumption.


It’s the same problem in all Kike democracy, that why it’s a scam. Left vs Right is a impasse they’re all in the service of Schlomo bankers.