Democrat Hearing on White Nationalism Had no White Nationalists


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The House Democrat hearing on White nationalism was quite the joke. It was literally chaired by the fat kike Jerry Nadler who uses triple parentheses in his Twitter handle.

Tune in to watch today’s important @HouseJudiciary hearing on hate crimes and the rise of #WhiteNationalism

— (((Rep. Nadler))) (@RepJerryNadler) April 9, 2019

The hearing featured a gaggle of Jews and non-Whites whining about Whites expressing their belief that they should be allowed to exist. The members of Congress who asked questions during the hearing were a collection of Jews, non-Whites and stupid White women. The only White men who were there were cuckold race traitors.

But perhaps the most important aspect of the entire fiasco was the fact that there were no White nationalists invited to testify. And the only person invited to provide any sort of counter narrative to the view that White people are evil and must die was Candace Owens a Neo-Nazi maniac who inspired Brenton Tarrant’s self-defense operation in New Zealand. She is not a proper representative of White nationalism due to the fact that many White nationalists view her as being far too radical in her Neo-Nazi beliefs.

They could have at least invited somebody like Jared Taylor or Peter Brimelow. But nope. They couldn’t have anybody advocating the view that the people who built America should be allowed to exist and run the country that their ancestors founded.

So the bottom line is that the entire hearing was just political grandstanding by Jews promoting the idea that White people are evil. It was not meant to provide an objective view about White nationalism. It was just more Jewish bullshit supporting their sick Jew agenda of White genocide.

The hearing showed conclusively that we have no control of our government. It has been subverted by Jews and all of these racial minorities they’ve invited in to feed off of us.


Sometimes I wish I still had Twiiter, so I could post this video on the fat kikes timeline. If anyone still has Twitter, be my guest.


It was a Sanhedrin…a sprinkling of brown goyim so it didn’t appear to be an all Jew affair. Many more ‘hearings’ such as these in the future. Goyim participation no matter the shade will slowly be reduced to zero as these monstrous Jew gain more and more control. I get the same grimace thinking of the Jew as I do when I happen to catch a glimpse of dogshit. Dogshit is less disgusting tbh.


Of course no White Nationalists were present. The entire purpose of this hearing was to vilify and ban them; the last thing politicians seek is truthful information.


the jews are doing preemptive damage control because they KNOW that they and BushCo did 9/11 and the word is getting out. when The Fake News is finally forced to admit this blatant fact, Israel will be cut-off and left to the Muslim wolves. i can’t wait…


Reminds me of these creeps:
a bit.


Clicked and got this


Sorry about that, Friend. It might be this shitty thing the EU are doing to all of us here, we are so used to it now. I gave the HuffPo page for the benefit of my US friends. Here is the link for the same story in the crap British newspaper the Telegraph:

I looks like a better link, with a picture. To save you going into it: it really is just about the conference some months back, in snidey Arabia for the women, but there were no women present! Many people were calling it out for hypocrisy. I didn’t really care. But it reminded me of this anti White Nationalism conference. A similar level of hypocrisy, but no-one other than ourselves really calling it out.


Everyone knows that Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens are the official spokesmen for White nationalism. But I find their extremism offensive. They make the rest of us look bad.


Excellent observation. No White Nationalists were members of the witness panel. At least David Duke (creation of the media) was not there. If Duke would have been present then the liberals would have a fund raising appeal using Duke as the proof there is a immediate threat. Nadler made a fool of himself interrupting with inappropriate comments.