Death to Islam and all its disciples!


The recent cases of multicultural enrichment prove once more that the sandnigger muslims are pure evil.
Those inbred bastards hate the white western societies. We are even regarded as subhuman by them because we don’t believe in their brainfart religion and in their pedophile goatfucker prophet. There has been a massive immigration to Europe by these people since the early 1960s. That should never had been allowed. In the end those people caused nothing but problems and costs in the range of trillions of money. The recent big invasion which started in 2015 floated more than 2 million of them into our precious homelands in a short time period. Instead of learning from the bad experiences of the past, our government and many of its supporters gave them a warm welcome. They even applauded when those monkeys arrived at the railway stations! It was such a shame. Of course it didn’t take a long time until the invaders show their typical behavior. Apart from severe deception of our social systems and enormous additional costs, they brought us massive terror, rape, murder, pollution, disease, lack of housing space which increases the rents, a divided society, and so on. It’s always the same. Islam is a religion of conquering, killing and plundering. History has proved that. All the former rich countries of North Africa and the near East which had been conquered by the Islamic hordes are dirty violent overpopulated shitholes now. And nobody should expect any mercy or gratitude by muslims. All the acts of welcome, aid and goodness by the Europeans are just considered as acts of weakness. All the benefits and free stuff they got is considered as it was provided to them by Allah. They are laughing their brown and black asses off about the western stupidity and servility. I’m so sick of all that. I’m in a constant state of angriness and hatred. The invaders become more and more. They are breeding like flies. In schools and kindergartens are already more monkey children than white children. In many big cities are already more mosques than churches! It’s a fucking nightmare. So this insanity must be stopped immediately. Europe must be purified of all those savage invaders completely. Once and for all. No more mercy for those bastards. They are all the same assholes. They invaded our countries, they hate us, they rape and kill our women, children and even animals, they waste our money and our resources, they pollute our environment, ruin our houses. This is a war against us. And we have the goddamn right to defend us and kill those bastards, by all available means!

Every day there are lots of crimes committed by the invaders. Most popular are stabbing and gang-raping.
It obviously gives them pleasure to murder and torture people and animals.
There are already many thousands of indigenous victims, and the worst is yet to come…

The article below is about one of the most disgusting migrant crimes that happened this year.
It’s the epitome of perversion. But it’s a true story. It really happened in 2018 Germany :frowning:


Add in the genetic inbreeding factor over centuries and one can see why they are low IQ and violent. As a direct result, the Muslim population is mentally developmentally disabled on a mass scale.


The kebab is a byproduct of kosher enrichment. Remove kosher involvement and kebabs would’nt be here.