David Hogg says he’s been the target of 7 assassination attempts



He doesn’t seem to have many details about those seven attempts, does he? But why stop at seven?

Hogg’s toilet overflows?

Hogg’s statement to the press: "Today I survived an attempt by the NRA to drown me:.


Too bad not a one of them was successful… This little prick has gotta go…



Was wondering how long before dufus david would chime in. Did all these children of the corn lack attention in earlier years?


They lacked something, because all of them have heads too large for their bodies.


what movement?

delusional fool


Someone probably stared at him and he soiled himself.


A genuine assassination attempt would cause a fit of hysterics.


He should be targeted and bitch slapped!


That was my initial reaction as well. However, I wouldn’t want this odious little prick to become a martyr. He should just ‘be disappeared.’


I hate that sanctimonious, self-righteous little prick.

I know he is pushed and backed by ZOG as a weapon against Whites.

He can go right to the front lines in the Middle East - and hope he comes back in a body bag.


I agree. The little weasel is just a ZOG puppet. Now, the front lines of the Middle East would be a good resting place for him. Pick a number between one and ten, and that’s how long he’d last in a combat situation (more likely seconds than minutes). I wouldn’t waste a body bag on the little fucker. Leave him to rot.