David Duke Responds to Trump State of the Union


David Duke Responds to Trump State of the Union


pasty white guys shouldn’t wear blue…

i love Duke… he’s right about Trump’s speech.


Caps are already made


There’s something about Duke I just don’t like. Tom Metzger used to work for him and feels the same way.


My problem with Duke is the same problem I have with Spencer. They are vain and narcissistic, they want to be accepted by the media and the establishment, who of course will never accept them. Moderation in defense of the White race is no virtue.


I thought his response was quite good. My take is that it is not so much that he wants to be accepted by the establishment, but rather to make his views respectable and part of the norm; if it were only acceptability he craves, he would surely have chosen a different path, one of conformity.


yes, his approach is a bit creepy and emotionless like a sociopath. his words however are spot-on.


Wow! Informative, powerful, & inspiring.

I’m so glad I watched the whole video. Considering how little time Duke had after the SOTU speech to prepare this video it was a very polished performance. And his remarks about the opioid crisis were excellent.


That’s the old-school White way, it works and gets shit done.

Dr Duke walks in two worlds…


So do all of us stormers. We might despise that fact but it is worthy to be aware of that so we can try to spread the word to normies without facing too much backlash.