Dallas cop who killed her black neighbor shared posts likening Colin Kaepernick to cancer and memes saying people were 'ungrateful she didn't kill them' as victim's lawyer says he believes 'short-tempered' officer is racist


Discussion on news and current events.The lawyer for the family of the black man shot dead by his white cop neighbor says he believes she is a racist – and said he understands Amber Guyger was sober when she killed Botham Jean.


So now they will convict her of the crime of racism rather than the vastly lesser offense of murder or manslaughter.


Fired cop Amber Guyger indicted on a murder charge in Botham Jean killing


here we go again… i’m a racist but it doesn’t mean that i want to kill other races or even harm them. it simply means that i logically have concluded that the white race is intellectually superior to all others. because logic dictates i also believe that blacks are athletically superior to whites and most blacks concur. in fact, blacks pride themselves on their superior athletic ability and this FACT is born out with facts and figures just like white intellectual superiority. so why is it evil to admit that whites are smarter but not evil to admit that blacks are faster? the liberals have yet to explain this…