Daily Stormer problems


Hi Xbow, that’s exactly what I’ve been getting too. :sob::sob:


well, today the same crap: on the laptop: main page opens, I open 1 story, then the site goes down…


Same here. I cannot access the bbs at all. Tor sucks. :confused:


Good morning, Sunshine \o


While my Spainish is Toco Bell menu tier, I even checked the DS Espainol version, no funciona


Good morning, xbowjoe1! :coffee:

It’s frustrating not to be able to access the forum!
Will you cry with me, my brother? :sob::sob::sob:


I waited about 1 hour, then tried again: that weird ‘checking your browser’ thingy-whatever page came up, then the main DS page loaded, so before it go’s down again: I opened up 8 stories in a row that I want to digest, so that will keep me occupied for a wee while :grinning:


Good morning, xbowjoe1. :coffee:


Did you get access to the bbs? I tried everything, but no luck. I can get the site, but not the bbs. :grimacing:
I’ve tried the onion link using both orfox and brave browser. Nothing works, and I’m so disappointed. :cry:


Hello anjee, /our/ favorite leaflette!

I can get the bbs on the normie web now, some times. I can’t access it at all from tor, but all I have is my phone.

And apparently my memes show up in thumbnail form. I can’t see them, but if you’re on tor on a computer you can.


Here’s weev’s answer from a coupla days ago.

The CDN we use is so broken lately I can only guarantee service on Tor. So given the choice between normieweb and Tor being some degree of broken, or at least Tor working perfectly, I have chosen the latter.

Hopefully the CDN goes back to normal. But people should get on Tor. They should be using Tor hidden services if at all possible to interact with dissident sites.


Maybe see if you can open this link, maybe that can get you in. IDK, tech shit goes right over my head.

Prolly time to retire my old meme maker and get something from this millenium.



Lol! Luv that phone! I tried the link you posted and no luck. It says, " web page not available". Do you know weev’s email address?

I’m afraid this is it for me, my friend. I am doomed…:cry::cry:

I will try to stay strong without my beloved bbs, but it won’t be easy. Please say hi to the stormers for me and that I enjoyed my time there. My life will never be the same again…farewell, my friend. :cry::cry::cry:


Fearnot child! The Wizard of Weev will make it all better!
Keep trying. ATM bbs is down for me. In ten minutes, who knows?

In the mean time, hang out here and enjoy the Kittens! They’re a great bunch. Alot of folk from DS post hhere too. Expand your horizons a bit.


HI folks! in th jUK i’m able to open the main page, after that weird ‘DDoS bitmitigate’(wotever that may be) ‘checking your browser’ page appears briefly, this is just using old windoes10, so again: i just opened all the pages ii want to read before it crashes, like its been doing. there seems to be no other issue other than the commenter’s pictures are’nt loading, i’ve heard others saying the same about that. Have a great day!


aye, ii thnk tor mite be th way forward.


I had access via normal web this am, it went down about 11:30 am while I was browsing. Tried the orfox, no luck “403 forbidden” displayed at the orfox


I’ve been getting on the site, with old windows explorer, after I get past this:

I’ve no idea what it means, and I don’t even care, as long as get thru to the DS. It’l be some poxy spying thing, I just don’t give a fuck at all, the level of surveillance here would’ve given th old soviets and Stazi a wet dream.


Bitmitigate is just a DDOS protection service similar to Cloudflare. It is required so the site doesn’t get blasted off the web from DDOS attacks. Unfortunately, the service isn’t all that robust and is prone to outages.


Nothing I do lets me load Daily Stormer using my computer w/ or w/out VPN, not even via TOR. On my phone I can load it fine with DDG’s browser and using VPN.

Just tried to bring up Kiwi Farms and it’s blocked now on the computer while on VPN but can load it fine through TOR.

KiwiFarms is good now. Maybe a change in IP did the trick, but nothing ever works for me through computer and DS.


its been happenin since th shootin day …or maybe a couple of days before.


I’ve had no issues accessing it using the onion address via tor.


Of course it might vary per region but tor via the onion address has been the most reliable way to access the site and will be into the forseeable future. Maintaining a presence on the regular web is becoming increasingly problematic for lots of us.