Daily Stormer problems


Accessing the Daily Stormer has been difficult the last 2 days. Today it’s been impossible. I smell shit!


It seems to have been blocked.


Yes, a weird page came up when I went to go on it which said it was checking I was not a bot… The main page then loaded, but no further pages would open. #Update: I got it to open. It’s a bit slow sometimes. After the Shuttening-down, I get suspicious now when anything like this happens. They want to shut us down!


…aye, I got one page to open, then its down again. I got a page saying the server is down…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This website is using BitMitigate. BitMitigate is online, but can not connect to the origin web server. If you are the website owner and need help please contact [email protected]

This is what is on the page.


Am bac on th DS. Panic over! :grin:


I can access the site through Tor, but cannot get to the forum.




Still not working for me, either one on tor, but I’m on mobile. Don’t know if that matters…


I’m on mobile too. I assume you have the onion browser. Tor sucks though. It’s slow as hell, and it took me forever to get signed into the BBS.

Anglin seems to be saying they got took down again.


in the jUK, Daily Stormer is down…:worried::disappointed::frowning_face::cry::weary::face_with_head_bandage:




That browser you’re using doesn’t look like the Onion browser.


Must be on my end somehow. I can get as far as the log in page, put in my info, then when I hit the log in button, it goes right to the error listed above.

I tried with the laptop, and can’t even get that far.

TBH tho, the wind and weather is raging here. I don’t have cable or internet here, just (((rural band))) wifi.

That’s ok though. Haven’t got cozy here with the Kool Kitten Klan for awhile. Nice to visit with some Old Komrades in Arms here again.



I have lightning fast internet, and a page is still taking 3 minutes to load. I bet you’re just timing out.


aye, but if so, then it’s timing out repeatedly… and the site can’t be accessed any longer…


I’m still getting through. The last two articles I read though, were shilling for Wang. It was funny at first.


aye, ii wdnt trust that chinki.


Hey! I got the DS(.name) on my pföne! I’ve just had me a good ol’ read! :blush: