Daily Stormer is down!


Is Tor now needed permanently to access the Daily Stormer?

Daily Stormer shoa'd?
Daily Stormer problems
Is the Daily Stormer Down?

Comes up on my phone without issue (just checked). Can’t get it up through the computer unless on TOR and using one of those TOR links.

Been like for some time for me.


I’ve been shut out of the DS for 3 days now, on computer and on phone. It’s a bummer! I suppose it’s time for Tor then.


Basically DS is totally submerged now due to the global censorship that is spreading day by day.


Definitely get Tor.

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult for any of us to maintain any sort of presence on the regular Internet.


I can access it through the Brave browser - even with my VPN on - but it’s been wonky for about six months now - and forget the graphics! Most of us can’t see them - I can see 50% between Tor and Brave.

Tor gives me fits - works great sometimes, won’t load at other times.

Don’t give up - seems like regular posters are starting to flee because of site issues - just what our enemies want. I’m sure weev is working on it 24/7.

Works fine at the moment via Brave browser. Remember to set DuckDuckGo as your default search engine.


I just installed Brave, still not getting any DS. I had a look at Tor before, not sure I’m ready to go there just now. Damn, no DS!


It’s been available again for the past couple of weeks. Still with some pictures missing tho’.


Images show for me when I use Tor.