Daily Stormer Down!


Daily Stormer has been taken down, again…

Just able to access on Tor.

Message from Anglin:

I currently consider promoting the use of Tor to be my most important duty.

Please download Tor Browser.

Also download Brave Browser, which has Tor support.

Do this right now.

Get used to using this service and get everyone you know on board.

View the Daily Stormer on Tor here:


I have been very delighted to watch the dailystormer.name traffic drop as more and more people switch to the Tor site. Already, over half of our traffic is on Tor. I want to get dailystormer.name traffic as low as possible (there is no reason to have traffic on the .name site anyway, as Google is already down-ranking us).

Get on Tor and do it quickly.

It is our duty to build and spread a new internet, so that free speech can continue on in this age of total and complete censorship.


I thought I was living in the U.S. not the USSR !!


This is ridiculous. I can’t believe this is America and how ‘Americans’ act. Who knows? It’s definitely Jews, cucks and spics at this ‘Voxility’.


Pray for @epik?

When did Anglin become Pat Robertson?


At least no one has been stupid enough to say ‘sausagefest’ yet.


@DrTeapot Even though that’s exactly what the Daily Sperger is.


Things are really heating up goys. I’m feeling really uncomfortable!


Reza Aslan wants to “eradicate” White people? How’s that gonna happen? These soft, sheltered, antipodes of manhood don’t have the balls to shoot a woodchuck.


Get on Ricochet, guys.



It looks like I’m fucked for getting to read the Daily Stormer now, as I have tried to install Brave, and Tor. I tried this Ricochet too, all to no avail.


Did you have problems on a desk top computer, a lap top, or a phone? If you want to explain I’ll try to help you. I’m on DS right now.


I’m using an Android phone, I had disabled all the google shit, as it would update all these pointless apps I never used, I tried re-enabling them but unable to install these browsers for some reason, Brave and Tor just load into infinity but never actually load ,and I was greeted with this for Ricochet:

this could be with me being on UK time. I am away from home just now, and have Brave on my laptop, so I’ll see if I can check DS when I’m back home. Many thanks :slight_smile:


Richoet does Not work on Android phones or devices at all!

Also, Tor and Brave are slower than a nigger at work on these devices.


You don’t need to download TOR or Brave to access the Stormer. Just go to google and type in “Onion.to Daily Stormer”. You’ll get a link to the TOR version, which you can access just by clicking on it. It will most likely be between the 10 and 15 places down in the search results.


Also, when you first get there, the format of the site might look a little fucked up. Just click on the main Daily Stormer banner at the top of the page and it will refresh and the format will correct itself.


It’s on VK as well .


we’re back, kikes! :joy:
Paying the gas bill :rofl:


I’m an iPhone user - Brave works very well, can’t find a Tor app that works - Richoet doesn’t work at all for me (no mobile version, it seems too bad!). I’m doing more on my iPhone than ever, saves me from dragging around my laptop which is a pain when I’m traveling.


I managed to get it back on Brave today on the iPhone, which is where I do a lot of DS reading, so I was grateful for that. I read DS and this site mostly on my phone.


I was able to get onto the site, but not the forum.