Daily Stormer bbs


Anyone else here having problems connecting to the Daily Stormer bbs?

I haven’t been able to access it in two days, although the Daily Stormer comes up just fine.

I use Tor.


I just logged in no problemo. For some reason the link on the main page to the BBS hasn’t worked for me for quite a while now. But if I open a separate Tor tab for the BBS I can log in just fine. I use http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion



I hope this helps.


Fuck Tor and fuck daily drama lol.


It came back up a few hours ago - nothing worked. Separate Tor tab didn’t work, I tried everything I knew - so who knows what it was? I could access everything except the bbs.

I haven’t been able to get the DS bbs on my iPhone for a while now - I have two different Tor browsers, can get the DS just fine, Infostormer and the Infostormer Forum, but not the DS bbs.


I can’t possibly be the first person to inform you that you post like an idiot.

Everyone should be on Tor. Everyone should be using a vpn when they’re not on Tor.


Glad to hear it. For the record, I have never owned a cell phone in my life. It never even occurred to me that your problems might be cell phone related.


Both the Stormer and its BBS are down for me, on PC and phone. I’m using the .onion sites… they’ve been down a few hours now which has never happened before :worried:


Yeah I am having issues as well. It was working like 12 hours ago, and hasn’t been working since.


The problems with the bbs were both on my cell phone and my laptop (MacBook).

BBS seems to be working on the laptop but not on the cell phone.