Daily Stormer article on Linux is plain wrong

I just read the article on Daily Stormer called Linux-Based “Windows 12 Lite” is a Great Option, I’m Sure

Andrew correctly starts the article by pointing out that Microsoft Windows is Jewish piece of shit that doesn’t give you basic freedom to apply updates when it suits you, but forces it down your throat.

He completely missed the fact that Windows 10 is bundled with spyware, that it sends screenshot of your desktop to Microsoft servers every now and then, logs your keystrokes, and who even knows what else, the main point is you can’t know which Talmudic shenanigans they do because the code isn’t available to the public.

He then proceeds to mock Linux cultists, who are indeed morons with their preaching, but this isn’t really an argument.

Next he says:

Of course, for anyone who doesn’t know, running Linux on a personal computer is a far from reasonable action.

which is far, far from truth. In fact, if you’re average person who browses internet, plays music and movies, takes notes, writes documents, e-mails, Linux is very viable alternative to Windows.

He also mentions:

Don’t like random twenty minute surprise updates 5 times a week? Maybe you’d like to spend six hours trying to install the dependencies for every piece of software?

which is really bizzare, because all it takes to install any piece of software is a simple command, and 99% of distros handle the dependencies automatically. The ones who don’t are specifically designed for people who don’t want that.

Even for the argument that Linux doesn’t have games, it doesn’t hold much because of development in Steam Proton, where you can play almost any Windows game on Linux with no loss at performance.

And of course, if you really, really want all of your games, Photoshops, CAD software, etc. you can always have both Linux and Windows installed at the same time.

And the best fact about Linux is, the more you use it, the more you can make use out of it.

For example, I have a script where I just type “yt die fahne hoch”, and it asks me whether I want to stream video, stream audio, download video or download audio directly from YouTube, without turning on browser, going to youtube.com and typing that term.

I do many things far faster than my friends, you can really customize the shit out if it.

And of course, you can even install it as virtual machine using VirtualBox and try it.

It only seems like it sucks because people are used to Windows environment and they don’t feel like learning something new, even if that brings them many benefits and frees them from Jewish crap.

If you have any questions, shoot 'em. Also if you’re interested, here’s the Luke Smith’s YouTube channel. Luke is /ourguy/ who does videos on these sorts of things, and his non-tech videos are really superb too.

Sorry for the long, autistic post which probably won’t even be read, I just had to say it.

Hail victory.

I use Gentoo so you can probably guess how I am about this.

The thing is I refuse to be an evangelist for Linux. I would much rather have people who really want to be on it and therefore want to learn and become experts, aka coders and admins.

Also a Linux desktop can barely be utilised without a shell open nearly all the time. This is kind of how I am on macOS too. There’s always something missing in every GUI.

Linux distros that attempt to emulate existing OS really annoy me. It gives a false impression like familiar things will just work when there’s a lot to learn.

Even non-Linux ReactOS should definitely continue what they are doing, but they should lose the Windows styling and use something more original.

At very least, none of this faggot jew companies profit by you using it.

Linux is objectively at least as good as Windows, when it comes to normie usage, but can be far, far superior if you’re coder.

Windows is actually much, much harder when you need to fix something, it’s just that people are more acustomed to browsing pajeet forums for 30 minutes and copy-pasting .bat scripts when Windows breaks. When Linux breaks it’s just amateur garbage OS.

Like, even if you don’t buy license from Microsoft, jews still profit by datamining the shit out of you.

You’re also right about evangelism, even though this post could be seen as preachy too.

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