Cubs Fan "investigated" for "Racist Hand Sign


the jigaboos can kneel during the national anthem but white people can’t do THIS… for the life of me i don’t understand white sports fans. for a while there it looked like stupid white people would boycott black sports but -as i knew- they came back in droves filling the coffers of jew-bastard, diversity-globalist owners. so now we have some white guy who flashes a supposed white-power symbol caught on live TV and The Cubs vow to ‘INVESTIGATE’ this heinous act.


Obviously he’s just drunk and not thinking twice. True white nationalists would think twice and flash such sign at right time and or right place. I would use the Roman salute than the fake ass okay sign. Also they hate to be a fan of nigger plantation sports owned by kikes.


What is the penalty for use of Racist Hand Signs?


What are they investigating? How does one investigate this? There’s already proof and everyone knows what the hell it was. Why does it take more than 5 minutes to resolve?


I do Racist Hand Signs when approaching automatic doors so they open faster for me.


once identified, the perpetrator will be BANNED.