Creating new account on Daily Stormer


I have been trying to join the daily stormer discussion board for a while, I clicked the TGKBBS button but it kept directing me to login page but not the registration. I understand that I have to use tor browser, but still not successful. Anyone here has experience in this please share! Much appreciated.


As far as I know you have to be invited by a current BBS member to join. Then the staff at the BBS would email you an invitation to join. So the process involves giving out an email address; although I think a ‘10 minute mail’ style disposable email address would work.


So how I do do that? Email the daily stormer staff?


You’d have to send your request for an invitation to a current BBS user, and provide an email address which that second person would then pass on to the DS staff. They would then send the formal invitation to that email address. As I said it could be done with a disposable email address, I think. Do you know any users there?


No I don’t know anyone there. I guess I’m outta luck. So thanks for the help. I understand much better now