Crazed pavement ape gets violent at Trump rally in California

On Sunday a group of Trump supporters in California held a rally which turned violent when a nog spits in a woman’s face and tries to provoke them.
This nig is unhinged and triggered.
He did get his black ass arrested at the end.:joy:


These creatures are accustomed to being fawned on and getting their own way and have become emboldened enough to attack at the least provocation.


exactly… we have very few niggers here where i live but i was attacked on my motorcycle THRICE by NIGGERS in their cars. this one moron jigaboo hovered over me with his arm cocked to punch, breathing like a locomotive. i couldn’t get the kickstand down in time because i was on an antique harley and just got it on the road. i had my glock in my waistband so scuffling was not a good option but i couldn’t get off my bike. finally the dumb nigger realizes that he’s going to visit Trayvon in Hell if he continues his assault. -this was during the Travon / Zimmerman trial idiocy and the niggers were mad…- so YES, they are more uppity than ever and looking for some shit so that they can decry “YOU RACISS!” and get the fed gov to imprison us.


Lucky you u can get a carry permit easy. I cannot even get one in this communist state of Jew jersey. U gotta have political connections or a real proof of threat to yourself example, RICO program or such. It’s just fucking stupid because too many inferior subhumans in this fucking state… only 10 miles from me is Pennsylvania, they shall issue LTCF at request for no reason because, the 2nd amendment! So therefore I have to avoid any interaction with stranger nigger no matter what. see a jigaboo walking up the block, I must take a detour. It’s too time consuming. Surely I carry a knife or a mace at all times and been into fights with them wakandans back in high school… it’s just NOT enough. Jigaboos tend to carry illegal and unregistered firearms while I cannot!


Stupid niggers acting like jungle animals once again these savages must be eradicated.


go down there with videos of chimp-outs as proof.


I know, but that’s not a reason enough for them. Like, a threat of murder - hard proof, such as email , text or phone recording. And u gotta go through the jewdical court to do so.


Didn’t even need to read it,…another nigger ape doing what they do, violence, violence, violence!
What’s new?


I knew the gun laws back east were pretty strict but this is intolerable in a Constitutional Republic… oh wait… we don’t have that anymore.

I thought I would show everyone how difficult it is to obtain a gun in NJ from your link.

The applicant must meet the requirements of the Permit to Purchase and FID, provide personal information, be fingerprinted, prove his familiarity with the use of handguns, have three reputable people knowing the person for at least three years and have a “justifiable need to carry a handgun.”

A description, including serial number, of every handgun which the applicant intends to carry must be provided. Only one permit need be obtained for all such handguns.

Failure to give notice to an applicant within 60 days is deemed to be an approval of the permit. The procedure for appealing a denial is the same as appealing a denial of a Permit to Purchase or FID.

Required Documents:
Completed Application
Four photographs of the applicant: one and one-half inch square, head and shoulders, no har, light background, and taken within the last 30 days must accompany this application.
Each person applying for a Permit to Carry and Handgun must supply a letter of need, specific in content, as to why they have a need to carry a firearm in the State of New Jersey. If this application is employment-related, then your employer must supply this letter.

Photos, finger prints, and state applications just to get a gun?


I own handguns now and yes it took me 6 months and serious paperwork. But I read somewhere, only 1,200 jerseyans have the permit to carry. This stare is a may issue for carrying. The local police chief are reponsbile for issuing. Vast majority of the applicants are rejected. So u gotta have political connections :wink::wink:
Anyway I’ll keep on trying, and am considering moving right across the Delaware to Pennsylvania for it’s gun friendly policy and lower tax rates


maybe you could ask your net friends to send you anonymous death threats. lol…

i’ll start: eye gunna hunt yo wite-azz doun wiff mie guuun u kraka-ho!

there, show them this…


Nah, even this is not good enough. Usually famous or high profile figures can do so. Many applicants did have credible threats and still they get turned down. Heard many failure stories at gun carry blogs. I’ll keep on carrying mace or knife until I move to PA or hope things change for the better. Recently, supreme court has challenged NJ’s may-issue laws. Attorney General Finally Responds to Supreme Court Conceal Carry Case - New Jersey Second Amendment Society
I know he’s a fucking Sikh. Hate that Murphy’s appointee


also wear some huge rings on your fingers.

in florida we can carry spring-loaded flip knives too. they have an excellent and CHEAP flip-knife at Walmart which i bought. 6 bucks. it’s fantastic. i carry it on me all the time. hands are dirty from working on the car…


I got a buddy who carries a slap jack with him everywhere he goes he takes the bus so he needs protection from the blacks.


Many different paths to self protection. I’ve chosen this one.

He’s showing you a basic Tonfa kata.

Did i mention I like martial arts movies?