Coronavirus Comes for Jewish Holocaust Hoaxers!

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Look at this story from Tablet Magazine.

America’s largest population of Jewish Holocaust hoaxers is under siege from the coronavirus!


COVID-19 is going to kill all these lying Jewish Holocaust hoaxers.

It is the will of god that these Jewish Holocaust hoaxers die of the coronavirus as punishment for their lies about soap, lampshades and shower room gas chambers.

It will be truly glorious to see all these lying Jews die from this virus.


While the coronavirus has not killed nearly as many people as I would have liked so far, if it kills all the remaining Jewish Holocaust hoaxers that are still infesting the planet, I will consider that a big win for humanity.


Masturbaters are usually loners and misfits. They keep away from Covid-19 by spending most time in their basements.


That’s a lot of soap and lampshades


Punishment has been very slow in arriving, but better late than never.


Cornoavirus got this zio-hoaxer, thankfully.

From DS:

Berger was known for his nuanced explorations of race in the book “White Lies: Race and the Myths of Whiteness,”, and the 2003 exhibition “White: Whiteness and Race in Contemporary Art,” They not only explored the inequities of the Black and Latino experience, they examined the privileged position of whiteness — a profound consideration of the issue before such discussions had come to circulate in the culture at large.

No doubt required reading and viewing in entry level college classes.

Burn in hell, anti-White.