Conservative Political Action Conference 2019


“Texas Republicans acknowledge that they have to win over voters like women, minorities and others that President Donald Trump has alienated and who are moving to Texas towns,”


lol… i never did. here’s a Trump quote from CPAC calling for the destruction of a living wage by importing low-wage monkeys from abroad to take our jobs.

We need an immigration policy that’s going to be great for our corporations and our great companies,”…
“And now, we want people to come in, we need workers to come in but they’ve got to come in legally and they’ve got to come in through merit,”


The “old school” values that made America successful were Judeo-Christian values



I like that comment section there Trev, lots of learning considering the Jews are the most ethnocentric people in history and hate Christianity.


I like this part as it exposes direct from a Jew that they will side with their ‘natural ally’ as they always have.

Incidentally, we have more in common with Muslims than we do with Christians; Jewish law permits Jews to enter a mosque… but not a church…