Conservative Political Action Conference 2019



It’s CuckPAC. There’s not even a panel on immigration.


“Smash the patriarchy”…more anti-white hatred.
Because every racist knotsee knows how altruistically matriarchal that Africa, the middle east, China and Central/South America are.
Such nonsense should never even be acknowledged.
Feminists should be deported forcibly at gunpoint to Pakistan or Somalia to be culturally enriched properly.


But we have Candace Owens speaking this year


Stop robbing me and my family, maybe I’ll listen to you:


“Listen, we’re not governed by sharia law, we’re governed by constitutional law. … We stand with Israel, and you need to know that,” Diamond said. (Silk: “Understand that! No sharia law! None of that!”)


Dat ofay faggot say Trump drainin’ the swamp


“People like Candace Owens, like Charlie Kirk, we need more leaders like that.”



Mike Pence is on stage railing against the “evil” of anti-Semitism


Anyone here still think we’re going to vote our way out of this shit?


50 Pence is a f*cking embarrassment , theyre pretty much all a bunch of spineless whores.


The uselessness of the vote as a solution to our problems is not a cogent argument against voting. Our view has to be more strategic and much broader than that.


Just another anemic traitorous branch of the uniparty.


Colin Flaherty’s videos about negro crime and predation has been shut down on JewTube.
Speaking the truth about the irrefutable correlations between race/crime and race/intelligence or “noticing things” is not permitted in jewish clown world.


This channel, I guess mirroring, is still up. YouTube


Trump suggested that he has softened his stance on immigration since the 2016 campaign. He said the country’s economy is why his views have changed.


wow, i didn’t notice that!
It’ll be gone once some JIDF or negroid beast complains about it…


i remember forwarding a video to a friend of mine a year or so ago with these fat sheboon whales who are barely able to mumble their ebonics ridden version of “English”…if THESE are who represents “our” party…with republican conservatives like this , who needs leftist commies?


It looks grim. Mainstream conservatism is a joke and Trump’s presidency is only buying us a little more time.

The real question is what happens after Trump. Even mainstream commentators are starting to talk about civil war being a possibility.