Communist Negro Barack Obama Goes Full Ape on Donald Trump


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The Communist Negro Barack Obama who has done everything in his power to destroy America, received some bullshit award for “ethics” and delivered a rambling, incoherent speech today. He basically went full ape on Donald Trump. He seems to be very upset that Trump in under two years has made his entire time in office irrelevant.

This ridiculous monkey was trying to frame his eight years as president as normal and Trump’s presidency as something crazy. In reality, Trump’s presidency is just a return to normalcy. A low IQ Marxist nigger from Kenya becoming the President of the United States was an aberration only possible because of wealthy kikes who funded his campaign.

Trump summed it up best when he said that Obama’s speech caused him to fall asleep.

It would take awhile to go through and dissect all of the insane things that Obama said, but it was just him whining about Trump. He even thought that he should be given credit for Trump’s economy.

He hilariously criticized Trump for trying to establish closer ties to Russia even though he famously told Dmitry Medvedev that he’d have more flexibility after getting re-elected.

This was just one of many hypocritical statements he made during his insane speech.

This ridiculous nigger just needs to go away. We don’t need some Communist Kenyan lecturing us on what America should be. Trump should ask Jeff Sessions to re-investigate his birth certificate situation. How funny would that be?


Another Jewed up prize. Previous winners include Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen, also the organizer of the commie MLK’s march on Washington. Shiny trinkets for the good goy.


Communist negro wins “ethics” prize? Is it Opposite Day again so soon?


sessions is a swamp-creature. when Trump took the reigns we were all wondering 'why doesn’t he go on a firing rampage and DRAIN THE FUCKING SWAMP?" . Trump is literally famous for saying “YOU’RE FIRED” but somehow couldn’t do it when his own presidency is at stake. i don’t get it. Obama would have gone ape ON DAY ONE. instead Trump hires the 9/11 Swamp Thing monsters into his administration. Everyone keeps giving him the benefit of the doubt saying: “he’s keeping his enemies close…” do y’all still believe that? faith is for fools and i ain’t got none especially when it comes to, Trump. the GD moron is still battling leaks buy a mole THAT HE HIRED and now he’s poised to go to the wall in Syria for the Jews AGAIN on a false-flag gassing.

had Sessions been worth more than a San Francisco dindu turd, he’d have ordered Mueller to concentrate his investigation ONLY ON RUSSIAN COLLUSION and it would have been over by now but NASA we have mission creep. The Swamp has unlimited funds to attack any and all Trump associates on matters not at all pertaining to Russia. and all because Trump is a GD fool who not only didn’t fire but HIRED Obama administration cronies and necon blowhards in positions of power and authority. Hey Donald! “YOU KNEW THAT THEY WERE SNAKES BEFORE YOU TOOK THEM IN!”

and to add insult to injury; THE SWAMP by attacking Trump is protecting their illegality. So Trump is on the ropes ducking punches unable to fight back. He’s a boxer with his hands tied. all he can do is bob and weave. Globalist leftist, 9/11 terrorists couldn’t have dreamed of such a wonderful situation for them. Maybe Trump thought that his jew pals in Israel would save him but they’re not too keen on Trump right now because he hasn’t ousted Assad and attacked Iran so don’t expect them to get their mossad brethren into the FBI to tell Mueller “HANDS OFF!” any time soon. They’d be much happier with Hilda-beast in The Blight House.

In addition:

maybe the Mossad will get involved IF Trump plays ball in Syria and Iran which to this day he has been trying NOT to do but again; he’s on the defensive here because the fake jew-news are hyping Assad phony gas attacks to keep the goyim fighting Israel’s battles… If Trump will commit to “regime-change” in Syria and Iran THE SWAMP might pull their fangs from his butt.


"The former president is not pleased with men in power. … Obama said, “Women in particular, by the way, I want you to get more involved ".

Nigger from Kenya just got his ass kicked by a very very “involved” Negress.