CNN's Anti-Trump "Racist Shitholer" Propaganda is Not Working


Originally published at: CNN’s Anti-Trump “Racist Shitholer” Propaganda is Not Working |

CNN brought Martin Luther King’s nephew on to help bash Donald Trump as a racist shitholer. It did not go as they planned!



Those colored folks sure are entertaining!

black minstrel


As a second generation American, our country was a shithole. That’s why I’m here. Hashtag, Fuck Stalin!


Ha ha ha I say bring back The old mammy minstrel shows .



When I was a kid the local Kiwanis Club did a Minstrel Show every year in the local HS auditorium. It was a huge success with the townsfolk.


King’s nephew in that youtube segment with Don Lemon (in OP) has a snazzier jacket!