CNN Wants People to Get COVID Shot to Enjoy Freedoms

Originally published at: CNN Wants People to Get COVID Shot to Enjoy Freedoms |

Recently, CNN had a guest on Chris Cuomo’s show basically expressing their fear that Americans will enjoy freedoms without getting the experimental COVID shot. They demanded that the federal government extort the population by making them take the shot in order to have freedom.

“If everything is reopened, … how are we going to incentivize people to actually get the vaccine? The CDC and the Biden administration needs to come out a lot bolder and say if you’re vaccinated you can do all these things, here are all these freedoms that you can have.”

— Tara LaRosa (@TaraLaRosa) April 1, 2021

A year into this insane hoax, it is clear that these people are running into an increasing amount of resistance. There is no evidence of a pandemic. Death totals in 2020 were not much different than previous years before the alleged pandemic. Several states have reopened and are eliminating these lunatic mask mandates. We are not seeing mass death or anything abnormal in the states that have done this. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult for these people to say that the sky is falling in order to coax people into taking these weird experimental mRNA shots.

This is a clear sign of desperation by the virus regime. Their plans for vaccine passports, forced vaccinations and other freedom-destroying measures must be in trouble if they are openly sending their minions on television to openly call for this type of extortion.


The Red Elephants


This is how brazen and arrogant these people have become.

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John Fury (father of heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury) tells it as it is:

“Life will never be the same again… Get used to it!”