CNN Reporter Digs Through Trash to Prove Russia Conspiracy Theories


Originally published at: CNN Reporter Digs Through Trash to Prove Russia Conspiracy Theories |

This is some top-tier reporting. CNN discovered that in Russia, they actually place rubbish in dumpster bins. What a profound discovery!

The federal government should shut down CNN for pushing foreign propaganda on behalf of Jews. All they do is subvert America. It's a disgrace that this organization is still allowed to function inside the United States.

They actually had one of their reporters looking through a dumpster bin in St. Petersburg, Russia to help validate their nutty conspiracy theories. The report was comical.

Daily Caller:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russian nationals on Friday for attempting to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, so naturally, CNN is doubling down on its coverage of possible collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign.

In fact, the network sent chief international correspondent Matthew Chance to St. Petersburg, Russia to literally dig through the garbage of an office building housing the alleged “troll farm” in order to try and find some clues.

“This is the office in which that atmosphere of chaos was stoked from the Russian side,” Chance told guest host Jim Sciutto. “That’s why 13 Russian individuals, including the financial benefactor, the person who bankrolls that organization, have now been indicted in the Unite States.”

“You looked through the trash there?” Sciutto shot back. “What did you find?”

“Yes, we did,” Chance answered with his tail between his legs. “We came here expecting this office to be empty, but, in fact, all day here, we’ve been here throughout the course of the day, people have been going in and out.”

“We went to the trash can to see what we could find with old people dumping rubbish there. new computers. New computers are being delivered here and they are throwing it away with the rubbish.”

Shocking that they found rubbish in a dumpster bin. After all, it is not common that rubbish and trash gets placed in a dumpster bin.

Reports like these is just CNN trying their best to blame the Russians for everything Jews are guilty of. These antics are getting increasingly tiresome.


Is anyone even paying attention to this bullshit story except for teh lulz?


New FakeNews CNN / NYTimes Satellite Truck…State of the art technology.


Isn’t this what these people do every day?



CNN has taken journalism to a new level


I think CNN got trolled by Fake Trash.


I’m not much of a media consumer. But-I have an idea for a real reality show.

The entire CNN establishment would be deposited on an island. With seeds,some basic,muscle-powered implements(i.e. shovels,mattocks,etc.),exactly 1 book of gardening instructions,and exactly 1 box of kitchen matches.

I’d even be generous and allow them to keep their clothes,shoes,and whatever happens to be in their pockets and purses.

Run drones over the place 24/7,and see what happens. For the record,I’d be genuinely interested in the outcome(s),since it would be a fascinating real-life anthropology exercise. Would we wind up with a Lord of the Flies deal? An unexpected egalitarian paradise,matriarchal,of course? Would a barter economy result,or would the society revert to warlordism?


I thought you were going to say to send them out to work as garbage men, but your idea is better.