Clown world, 2012, the simulation (blog)(dear diary)

Jean Baudrillard was a French Post Modern philosopher (no he wasn’t Jewish) that wrote a book called Simulacra and Simulation. I wanted to share one of his ideas.

In his book he borrows an analogy from a guy named Borges. The story is: There was an empire so great and so powerful , that it created a giant map that was an exact copy of the empire. When the empire would gain or lose territory, the map would be expanded or destroyed. When the empire died, all that remained was the map. The map/ the simulacra of the empire was then where the people lived. The people then spent their whole lives making the map to represent their life, building and destroying the map to represent themselves while the abandoned reality fell apart from disuse.

He uses the analogy to explain how there would be a time where instead of using simulacra to reflect the reality, the simulacra would be what reality would reflect. After disuse reality would die and become simulation. I believe this shift occured in 2012.

In 2012 obesity became beautiful, truth became hate speech, fornication became experience and empowerment, man became a woman and woman became a man. Down became up and up became down.

We now live in the map, the simulation, the hyper reality. There is no longer any reality to distinguish between what is real and what is unreal. Reality has crumbled away from disuse.

There was a man named Marshall McLuhan. He wrote books about Media. In his book “The gutenberg Galaxy” he wrote about how once humans internalize a medium in the mind it alters the mind and how we see/ experience reality.

Before the invention of the printing press ~1450, all writing was manuscript . Manuscript was always “looked at” and spoken out loud. After the invention typography all written words were uniform, unlike in manuscript where every letter looked different since it was hand written by an individual. Once the medium of typography was internalized in the human mind, typography changed the way they experienced reality. Humans developed the ability to “read” silently in the mind. And once humans began to read, they continued to read even after lifting their eyes from the book. “reading” the world and “looking” at the world are two very different experiences of reality. The internalization of uniform interchangable letters led to the idea of mass produced interchangable parts which led to thing like books, the mass production of engines, guns, etc. Before the interchangable letters on the Gutenberg press, interchangable parts was an impossible thing for a human to imagine. Similar to how a nomad would never think to build a permanent structure. “We shape our tools and then our tools shape us”.

With the invention of “face book” and other social media, humans internalized that simulacra they built of themselves and it stays with them even after they log out from the screen. The Simulacra which once reflected reality becomes the simulation and the reality decays from disuse. The map we created on the illuminated screen once was a reflection of reality. Now it is the simulation/clown world we live in and carry with us. We have abandoned reality and it is dead.


The simulation. The invisible prison. There once was a time where socializing with one another was done in person face to face. Now with communication mediums it isn’t necessary. We can now use the phone, text, YouTube, forums, tinder, Face book, email, Instagram, etc.

With the continued procession of the new communication mediums, it begins to replace the social. The communication mediums become the main means of the social but the problem is that communication mediums are not social at all.

We are not interacting with other people we are interacting with the communication mediums themselves. This leads to isolation of humans and the death of the social. The death of society.

Internalizing a communication medium, such as tinder for example, leads to women looking for a mate like they are looking through the windows of shops for a new pair of shoes. Men become viewed as being disposable and worthless. To be thrown into the trash after they are done being used. Love is dead. The family is dead. Society is dead. With these new rapid communication mediums leads to the insatiable desire for faster and faster communication mediums.

The faster and faster the communication mediums become the more we lose. What we lose is nuance, depth, humanity, truth, reality. This is the Simulacra becoming the simulation. The merging of the unreal into the real. Our invisible prison


Some reject to live in the simulation. Some are being woken up but don’t realize it yet. Look at how some people react to a certain movie, the newest pop singer, a reality TV show. Why do some people get so angry about a star wars film? A pop song? There have been bad movies before and bad music before. This intense hatred comes from something other than the content. This is a hatred and rejection of the fake. The shallow culture of materialistic consumption of different garbage. The rejection of the copy of a copy of a copy. The minority. For the majority feeds off of it. We can not fight this directly. If we do, the simulation will do what it does. Put a label on us and turn us into another copy of a copy of a copy. Try to fight feminism and you’re a misogynistic incel. Try to fight sodomy and trans freaks and they label you a homophobic intolerant bigot. Try to fight the source and you’re a Nazi antisemite. They put a label on you to taint everything you may say and shelve you and silence you. We must go another way. I believe this is a spiritual issue. What is lacking is human spirit. A human soul.

How is it that the majority of people relish in the fake? Take enjoyment in consuming the lifeless products like a swarm of ants feasting on a dead animal’s corpse? Why do a minority of us reject it with such hatred?

There are people among us that are spiritually dead. They lack the essence of what makes them a conscious human. They lack the gut feeling of what’s right or wrong. A conscience. They lack a soul. They are like zombies. Meat puppets. The walking dead.

In order to recognize what is sacred vs what is profane you must have within you a soul which is the manifestation of the hyperdimensional reality of the Divine. God. The Holy Spirit. Truth. Logos. whatever you want to call it. Similar to how else would an eye be able to recognize the sun without sharing the hyperdimensional object that manifests in this plane as light ?

The soulless humans are probably %75. They lack a soul. They are not human. They can talk, laugh. Cry in pain if you stab them. Not because they feel pain, but because they have learned that is what humans do. They ask you how you are not because they care, but because they have learned to mimick empathy. If you pay attention you can spot the fake. If you look at their eyes you can see there is no movement behind them, there is no life. Their eyes are like brick walls. They repeat opinions not because they can think, they have no thoughts. If you tell a soulless person that a man can not be a woman they react in anger. They will stone you because you are not following the script they have learned to repeat. If you try to explain they can not understand. They are incapable of understanding. This is why we can not fight the simulation directly. They are soulless.


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You’re probably 14 years old based on your posts.

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MW was giving you a little poke and testing you. I’m sure no ill will or malice was intended. A thick skin is sometimes required here in conversations so please don’t let negative criticism undermine your creativity.

Personally i like your contribution. I just read the entire stuff and i think you got a good point here Mr C…
I don’t know what Mr Whiteys problem was. Maybe he didn’t read it because it is to long, or maybe he just had a bad shit on that day. Who knows…


They create weasel words to alter reality and if you don’t go along with it you get a “thumbs down”. Being rejected by peers especially affects white people because of our biology or genetic memory. If you are “thumbs down” by society and rejected; it means you will die in the winter. This causes white people to just go along and say what they think other white people want to hear them say rather than speaking the unpopular truth that they know is real. This is one of the many tools they use against our nature.


I am writing a book right now. I am having a hard time. I have never written a book before. If anyone has ideas they think should be in a book about changes to society and humans after the year 2012 or any help about how not to bore people with your writing please talk to me. I can use some help if I could get it.

What is your thesis? Your main conclusion?

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If still there’s time, a good topic will be the pleasure thing and how through insatiable hedonism the human being is domesticated and turned into a soulless being without further vision than pleasure itself. How the best way to control people isn’t extreme authoritarianism, but getting people drunk through endless pleasure as a mean to appease their consciousness about what’s happening and direct all their energy and soul into pleasure, so they don’t mind what might happen as long they enjoy.


2012 Everything changed. We all know something has happened to the world around 2012. A month now fells like a year and a year goes by like a month. Time is accelerating toward the eschatological attractor at the end of time like a mathematical attractor. I have 300 pages and it reads like a nonsensical rant. I need help writing this.

Thank you for the suggestion I am looking into it. I appreciate you.