"Chilling Auschwitz exhibit headed to Manhattan"



OMG, a windowless train car! that is so evil!

the jews know that their holocaust lies are being exposed and so go into overdrive to keep the lies alive. AND, as i have previously mentioned, a GRAND JURY has been impaneled to here the mountains of evidence that JEWS RIGGED THE TRADE TOWERS WITH EXPLOSIVES. every jew on earth knows this and they are worried. so they trot-out the only thing that they have left, their phony holocaust, poor-us bullshit. NY $hitty is a perfect place to showcase their holohoax because it’s owned and run by banskster jews. the very same jews who tortrue-murdered 3000 goyim on 9/11 for Israel.


Don’t forget all the cell phones that were confiscated before Jews were sent to the gas chamber:


The saddest part of the Holocaust is that it’s not true. :tired_face:


I’m surprised they didn’t roll out their collection of lampshades and soap.


Chilling exhibit? Let’s bring in a few ovens and help heat them up.:fire:


Do they have death cutlery and death bedding on display? ‘Chilling’ how many survivors of the Death camps there are also ironic that they have a better life expectancy than non-death-camp kikes. Those jews must really stink if the chilling box car is still smelly after 70 years.


i want them to display, The Rollercoaster of DEATH and the Masturbation Machine of Death. i think that Larry Flint bought the rights to it…


And did they mention…It’s Chilling!


Maybe they’ll sell an Auschwitz beer cooler.


He could turn those into a couple of real cash cows!

“Ed Gein’s 1949 Ford sedan, which he used to haul the bodies of his victims, was sold at public auction for $760 (equivalent to $6,600 in 2018) to carnival sideshow operator Bunny Gibbons.[80] Gibbons charged carnival goers 25¢ admission to see it.”[81]
From wikipedia.


I think they should develop a themed ride like Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, with those animatronic characters. The “doomed” jews could be peering out from barbed wire, shivering in the cold, or mean looking guards poking them with bayonets. The ride could swing into the crematorium where bodies were wheeled into ovens. I think I’d pay to go on the ride.


The seats could simulate those on the chilling Rollercoaster of Death, as though participants were on their way to a chilling death.