Child Raping Satanist John Podesta Gloats at Roger Stone's Arrest


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John Podesta a man who was proven to be a child raping satanist from the #Pizzagate scandal, has written an op-ed published in the Washington Post gloating about Roger Stone’s arrest.

Many of the Twitter replies to Podesta’s op-ed tweet have been #Pizzagate related with them calling him out for being both a child rapist and a satanist.

Seriously, the emails this guy was writing were totally fucked up. They contained all sorts of weird pedo code that you would not see in a normal email conversation.

So with that said, it is ridiculous for this evil piece of shit to be gloating about Stone’s arrest when he is someone who attends child rape parties and practices satanism with his brother Tony. #Pizzagate is real, I have no doubt about it.

And speaking of Stone, he did a bunch of interviews yesterday attacking Bob Mueller for overreaching and the FBI for raiding his house unnecessarily.



Mueller attacked Stone with a goon-squad to punish him for not making-up lies about, Trump.


So we now know that the Washington Compost must be full of pedophiles too or at least pedophile apologists. How can an evil child raping predator be given a platform to speak. Why don’t the victims of these monsters ever get to be heard or are they all dead?