Chief Rabbi says Jeremy Corbyn is not fit for high office in wake of Labour anti-Semitism


These Jews really have it in for Corbyn, no love lost as Corbyn hates them, whats more perplexing is the Trump situation, he bends over backwards for them and they still do everything they can to take down his presidency., their treating Trump the way they treated the Fuhrer when he first came to power.


In his Times article the Chief Rabbi whines about “anti-Semitism” and “hatred against Jews”, and asks “every person to vote with their conscience”.

It is rather like Dracula getting a job at a blood bank, and exhorting his colleagues to “do the right thing” and not withdraw any of the commodity for their own use. And complaining about “anti-vampirism” when he is caught red-handed (or red-fanged).


Just read this a few hours ago…